Exploring Darknet Markets (One Pill Makes You Larger)


DISCLAIMER: This post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to condone illegal activity.  Anything you do on the dark web is at your own risk.

As those who regularly keep up with Tor news know, the original Silk Road marketplace was shut down in 2013. Its successor, Silk Road 2.0, was shut down in 2014.

Obviously, this has barely stopped the darknet market business from booming (in fact, it probably helped).  Currently, there is a market going by the name of Silk Road 3.0.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it:


Be that as it may, I’ve heard from some sources that this site is a scam (basically trying to capitalize on the Silk Road name), while others have said that they’ve had no problems.  It may depend on the individual vendors.

“I Used to Do Drugs…I Still Do, But I Used to, Too!” – Mitch Hedberg


So, you may wonder, where else can I get reliable recommendations? Well, let me start off by saying that I’m not the requisite expert in darknet markets, but I do my research.

Someone had recently asked me on another site, “Which is the best darknet market?” I’m not sure if I can really answer that question, but I can compare them.

First of all, most darknet markets accept bitcoin, although some accept other cryptocurrencies as well (Dogecoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, etc.).

Second of all, they offer a variety of products (not just drugs) – although some specialize in products such as psychedelics, stolen credit cards, banned books, etc.

Third of all, different customers will inevitably have better or worse experiences than others on various sites (hey, the same thing happens on Amazon, right?)  This is where customer reviews and word-of-mouth come in extra handy, because you don’t always know whom you can trust…


Shout-Out to Deepdotweb!!


Hey guys!!  Beyond visiting the markets themselves, one of my most reliable sources for information on darknet markets is DeepDotWeb – Surfacing the News from the Deep Web.  You can also visit them at the above onion URL: DeepDotWeb on Tor.

They feature a Darknet Markets List that’s updated pretty frequently, and generally has very accurate information.  

According to them, some of the top markets are these:



Valhalla (a.k.a. Silkkitie)


Outlaw Market


Dream Market


Also among their list of trusted markets are:

giphy (1)

Vendor Shops


Of note: it is sometimes helpful to read the customer reviews on each of these sites, because often the markets may look trustworthy, and they’re the farthest thing from it.

Scams and Phishing Links



Darknetmarkets o r g / markets also features a list of markets, but this site, according to Beware of Phishing Scams On Clearnet Sites! (darknetmarkets.org) is a list of phishing links that will steal your login credentials for darknet markets. So stay away from that site altogether.

Good ‘Ol Reddit


Finally, I would further recommend you check out the subreddits /r/DarkNetMarkets and /r/DarkNetMarketsNoobs.  They tend to give reliable, up-to-date information as well.

There are, of course, quite a few other markets and vendors, too!  In my experience, general word-of-mouth is one way you can .  Or you could just try them out yourself and learn the hard way…


What do you see in the center??

Investigation Underway!!

Of course, I don’t simply want to take everyone else’s word for it – I’m in the process of checking some of these out as well.  That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be trying out the individual products (although that may help with the creativity part)…


In the meantime, perhaps you can find the answer(s) to the question, “What were they smoking?”










Grams: The Google of Darknet Markets

Not long ago, I was asked this question on Quora: “How do I use Grams, the deep web search engine?”  I thought it was worth talking about here as well.


As you can see above, it looks a lot like Google – except that Grams, as its title implies, is designed to search for darknet markets, particularly those that sell drugs (but other products are available as well).  Drugs just seem to be the most popular items.

Although the link is shown in the picture, here it is again for those who really want to click on it: Grams Search Engine

It’s pretty easy to use, but generally, what you would do is type in the name of a specific drug, vendor, or service, and it should come up in the search results.  For example, let’s say you type in “ecstasy pills,” or “ecstasy” – the results would look similar to this:


Image Source: Dazed: Now there’s a darknet ‘Google’ for finding drugs and guns

Grams has been around for a bit now, and its search algorithms have evolved, but generally, as with search engines like Google, Grams uses keywords in the titles and descriptions of products to find what you’re looking for.  It uses a custom API to extract listing data from the various darknet markets, which in turn shows up as results like the ones above.

As you can see in the screenshot, the listings show the name of the product, as well as the vendor, price, amount, location, and a brief description.

I Like The Drugs, and the Drugs Like Me!

When you actually go about the process of registering for the particular market you’re interested in, that can vary by site.  All of them require you to register, but some have a more involved screening process.  For example, in order to join the Valhalla Marketplace (a.k.a. Silkkitie), you need to go to this invite link first: Valhalla Invites.  That way they can make sure you’re a legit customer.

On Reddit, there was a referral link posted by their official account as well , but it’s from two months ago, so I don’t know if it’s still valid: Valhalla Registration Reddit.  By the way, Valhalla also has their own official WordPress blog, so check that out too! Valhalla Marketplace WordPress

As with most products on the Tor network, those sold in marketplaces such as Valhalla, Agora, and Silk Road 3.0 require bitcoin to purchase. If you don’t already have a bitcoin wallet, then you’ll have to set that up separately, but it’s fairly simple: Choose your wallet – Bitcoin is a good place to start.




OK, pun intended – but seriously, I can’t stress this enough: if you’re signing up for any darknet market or forum on Tor, Freenet, etc., then come up with a username that you don’t use on the clearnet, and never use your real name!!  (I’d mentioned this in an earlier post, Deep Web: Fake Words and Secret Codes.)

I usually use the soybomb nonsense word generator or Fake Word Generator For Great Made-Up Words! to come up with things like screen names and usernames, unless I already have one in mind.

If you’re asked to upload a photo of yourself, pick a random one from Google images, or something along those lines.  Common sense, right?

On top of that, be mindful of the fact that there are many clone sites on the Tor network and elsewhere, that are often designed to steal login and financial information.  Most darknet markets will show their genuine URL on the front page, like this:


That is, assuming the clone site didn’t do the same thing (which it might).

The one thing I confess I don’t have any experience with is actually purchasing any of the goods on a darknet market, but that probably varies a lot from buyer to buyer, and vendor to vendor.

If you decide to actually do this, just tread carefully.  Perhaps, with experience, using things like Grams and certain markets, you’ll be able to do so without much harm to yourself.

Except, you know, for the cocaine up your nose.