Site Feature: Dark Clouds/saysamaim

So, a reader contacted me recently and asked if I would check out their site(s), which I did. They have both a clearnet site and a couple of Tor hidden services.

The clearnet site is called saysamaim, and seems to be a sort of tribute to all things “darknet”:


On the landing page is a sort of “definition” of the darknet:

“Most people like us confused about the term like Dark net or Deep Web[sic]! It is a big part of the internet that can’t be found or indexed by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. For example, your bank account page is also part of the dark net sites. On the other side anything you can see in the search results, that s [sic] called Surface Web. Darknet sites contain weird URLs and also [sic] known as .onion sites (Hidden services sites) [.] Dark marketplaces sale [sic] all kinds of legal and illicit goods anonymously for other currencies such as Bitcoins. When companies are hacked and their data is stolen, that stolen data [is] often used for sale on the so-called Darknet.”

I’m not certain, but this sounds like something I wrote at one point online; if so, thanks for paraphrasing me! I must make a few corrections, however – your bank account page is in the “deep web,” not the darknet, per se. If a page is indexed by search engines, it’s on the surface web, as the site says. And as I’ve mentioned on this blog before, .onion sites are one example of “dark web” URLs (on Tor, at least).

Here’s one of the next-gen onion URLs, for instance: http://occgshn6gz4je57wyhpijni7waod6yxpxwihjdxjwrnpjtbayliei2id.onion/ It’s a site called Cyberia.


Anyhow, I don’t fault people for not being native English speakers, but I hate the spread of misinformation about the dark web. Some of this is unintentional, as I believe many of the technical aspects of darknet software can be hard to understand.

On other parts of the site are a “darknet guide,” if you will, a contact form, and a list of hacking tools. In addition, there’s an about page, and copies of and Joy of Satan, two sites which are often referred to as being part of the “dark web,” but aren’t.



This same group also runs two Tor hidden services, called Dark Street and Dark CloudNet.




Both of these are forums, more or less. They seem to revolve around the typical kinds of activity you would expect on Tor: carding, drugs, etc. Because I’m new to the forums, I have no idea if any of it is legit or not. Based on my experience with the dark web over the past two years, I tend to approach these kinds of things with a healthy degree of skepticism.

That’s not to say that the forums don’t look cool; I thought the format worked very well. Whoever programmed them used MyBB software, which is pretty tried-and-true for that purpose, as you may know.

One thing that’s intriguing about Dark Street is that certain sections are “locked,” i.e. you need a password to access them. See if you can figure out what that is!

In any case, the forums are rather similar to other carding/hacking forums I’ve seen, but they could use some more traffic. Want to check them out, readers? Click the links.

They’re real…I promise.





Is Your Revenge Porn Pic on the Dark Web?



Alright, before you say anything – I know this was in the news awhile back, but it appears that there is another mirror of the infamous Pink Meth revenge porn site on Tor again. And I’m not talking about the one that appeared in 2014. I found it on an onion crawler that’s updated frequently, so it appeared to be new.

Mind you, this is not a CP site – it’s a site with suggestive and/or nude pictures of women posted (presumably) by their ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, in order to get back at them. If you aren’t familiar with it, Wikipedia has links to a few news articles about it: List of Tor hidden services: Pink Meth

However, I don’t know if the site I found is “genuine,” or just a clone site. Likely what happened was that the first site was taken down, and then someone tried to “revive” it. Either way, I thought it may be something of a concern. Even if it is just a clone site, there is still the possibility that your photo (or one of someone you know) could be on there.

There were several domains I came across that used the Pink Meth name, and I hesitate to share them here, because wouldn’t that be promoting them in some way?

Lest you think that this is something I’m in favor of, I’m not. I just wanted to make people aware of it. I know that my “favorite” YouTuber, Takedownman (*cough cough*), did an episode about this, but it bears repeating.

There is another similar site called SlutRadar, which is on the clearnet, but also has a Tor hidden service. I assume that, like Pink Meth, they hosted it on Tor in case the clearnet site was taken down.

It basically has the same purpose – “expose” girls who post nudes or suggestive pictures of themselves. And there are probably others as well. Wikipedia’s article on revenge porn likens it to sexual abuse, and I’m inclined to agree, though I’m sure at least some men would take issue with this – obviously, the ones who posted the pictures would be among them.

Interestingly, there was also a site I came across that was not active yet, but was asking people to send their RP pictures. Presumably, this was in preparation for starting their own site of that nature – so, we may see another one in the near future.

This is a difficult thing to stop, obviously – one site could be taken down, and then another will start right up again in its place. What are your opinions on it, readers? Is this something that should be investigated more?

Or is it impossible to stop?