Are Terrorists Really Using the Dark Web?


I see this question popping up in the media a lot lately, particularly after there have been several awful terrorist attacks. The answer to it, however, probably depends on whom you ask.

Let me state, for the record, that I do not support terrorism in any way – in fact, I’m a Nichiren Buddhist (with SGI), and one of our main messages is tolerance and peace.

That aside, the article Terrorists and dark web, what is their relationship?, by Security Affairs, says that if they are, it’s not to a large degree (contrary to popular belief). If you read knowledgeable sources with regard to what kind of content is on the dark web, though there may be some terrible things (like child pornography), terrorist groups are one of the things you’d be hard-pressed to find.

What brought this to mind, however, was an article on DeepDotWeb, entitled UK Targets Dark Web Users in Anti-Terrorism Pamphlet. Supposedly, some law enforcement agencies have found a connection between the dark web and terrorist organizations, and if you ask USA Today, that’s what the truth is…

Be that as it may, I think the general problem is the public’s misunderstanding, as a whole, of what the “dark web” is. I’ve addressed this concept many times on this blog, but because a good majority of people don’t understand what the dark web is, or how it works, they tend to assume that it’s just a haven for “bad stuff.” In this case, the “bad stuff” would include terrorism.

I’m not saying that the dark web is free of anything terrible – I’m repulsed by the fact that so much child abuse material is on there, or that there are people who watch “crush videos” of animals being killed. Nonetheless, just because those things exist, it doesn’t mean that every single bad thing you can think of is there – which is another urban legend about it.

What I suggest is – do your research and find out the truth about this statement. You’ll probably hear conflicting ideas, but my belief is that the dark web is not really a haven for terrorists.

Ironically, you’re more likely to find websites of that nature on the clearnet – as hard as that may be to believe.



I Stand with Belgium


Although I don’t normally post political writings, I just want to say that I stand with Belgium, and I pray for the victims of the attack and their families.

I only just heard about this attack moments ago from NY Times: Explosions at Brussels Airport, but given that there have been many such attacks lately, I feel close to the heart of these events.

It may be because I was in New York when the Sept. 11th attacks happened in 2001, and also because of my travels to Israel and such..  While I may not have been physically present at this particular event, I understand, to a degree, that feeling of confusion and chaos that happens.

I don’t necessarily want to get into all the political debates surrounding this (as I could see from Facebook, they began the moment people started hearing about it).

Often, I think it’s the victims that get forgotten in all the blaming and finger-pointing.  So, whatever the solution may be, I feel for those who’ve lost their lives or been injured, and I hope that we can eventually create peace, without a massacre on either side.

We’re all human beings, aren’t we?

Oh, and for those who are tweeting #stopislam, Islam is not the problem.  It’s ISIS, and radical ideology.  These are the ones giving Islam a bad name (but that’s not what the media would have you believe, I’m sure).