Investigating Translate Gate

This is obviously not dark web-related, but from time to time, I like to switch it up. Those of you who frequent 4chan or watch Nightmare Expo may have heard of a phenomenon called #translategate, in which Google Translate gives some very strange responses if you enter things in a certain way. The video in question aired […]

OpenNIC Project: DNS Neutrality!

Lately, the subject of internet censorship has been on my mind a lot, and that shouldn’t be surprising, given this whole net neutrality debate. So, I was intrigued when a friend introduced me to OpenNIC, which aims to be an alternative, decentralized DNS root. OpenNIC is a user-owned and controlled top-level network information center (NIC). […]

Beware, Maltego Will Find You!

by Ciphas A friend of mine recently introduced me to a program called Maltego, made by the South African security company Paterva – and if you use it, it may frighten you. It’s actually been around for a few years, but I only started using it this week. If it sounds unfamiliar, Maltego is a data […]

Who Is Selling My Data?

by Ciphas While I know this blog is primarily about the “dark web,” I think it’s easy to forget that the purpose of the dark web is privacy and anonymity (not sick stuff). As I’d mentioned in my earlier post Is Your Password on the Dark Web? Maybe., it’s easy to unknowingly have your data […]

Can You Access .Onion Sites Without Tor Browser?

by Ciphas (Note: Thanks to Ben Tasker’s Security Blog and for being references.) Can you access .onion sites without the Tor Browser? Short answer? Yes, you can – but I don’t recommend it…I cannot stress this enough. I’ve mentioned Tor2web proxies in a few previous posts, but didn’t elaborate on it much.  In their own words, “Tor2web is a […]

Should You Use a VPN with Tor? (Well, No.)

This seems to be a very frequently asked question, and on many sites, people will tell you that you should use a VPN with Tor, for “extra protection.” Based on my research, however, I disagree – and this seems to be an unpopular opinion. One reference I’d like to cite is a blog post by […]

‘Anonymous’ Proxy List?

I forget exactly where I found this link – I think it was either Electronic Frontier Foundation or Privacy Tools  – but it’s a list of supposedly anonymous proxy servers, generated by a set of particular search engine terms: +”:8080″ +”:3128″ +”:80″ filetype:txt This returns results for lists of proxy servers that use ports 8080, 3128, and […]