I Have An Onion Site! (But Not Much On It Yet.)

Very recently, the admin of Psycho Social Network set up a Tor hidden service for my blog as a favor. Thanks, P5ych0n37! (You know who you are.)

The onion site is located at http://secretsnft5vyssr.onion. At the moment, I admit that it doesn’t look all that spectacular, but I’m working on adding some content over there, and perhaps styling it a bit.

My first question, when I started writing there, was “What can I write that people don’t already know?” I’m sure there’s plenty, however. A lot of people that I encounter on the so-called “dark web” seem unfamiliar with it, as a matter of fact.

On MadIRC, so many people come into the chat and ask, “What is this place?” that the mods finally censored those particular words! What is it? It’s a chat room, FFS!


In the same vein, perhaps I can continue with similar work – that is, debunking and explaining Tor and its darknet brethren (I2P, Freenet, etc.).

Also, since people seem to love links, links, links – I’m sure I could share lots of my favorite links! After all, tons of the onion sites I know are just lists of links anyway.

For example, here’s another red room (wink): http://zaoklnavsgzaxhf4.onion/ – HINT: it’s probably not real. As I always say, though, feel free to spend your money on that if you want.

If it’s gore you’re after, I’d just recommend signing up for the Psycho Social Network, which actually exists, or go to one of the gore sites I mentioned in an earlier post.

Unless you want to brave the Shadow Web…ooohhh!!





Have I Been Pwned (Again)?

Sigh. You would think that, with all my dark web exploring, I’d be better at being confidential. Hey, I’m working on it!

This morning, I was chatting on IRC, and a “random” person happened to pop in. He acted as if he knew me, but in a few seconds, it just turned out he was a troll (or at least I think that was his purpose).


I had seen the same person on Psycho Social Network a few times, and that site has a link to this blog on the homepage. It also has a link to my Twitter account. It appears that said troll just made a connection between the various accounts, and decided to use it against me. Why? Probably because he could.

What happened then was that he left the chat and came back in, using my real name. Do I have a doppelganger or something? Finally, the mods kicked him, but I have to wonder – where else is my personal info being leaked?

As I mentioned on Beware, Maltego Will Find You!, it can be easy to connect different social media accounts and such. Maltego isn’t the only tool for this, but it’s a handy one.


In the instance above, Maltego has collected email addresses from SANS Institute, and will also collect the nameservers and mail servers. Creepy, no?

I tried a similar search on Have I Been Pwned with an email address I came up with off the top of my head (not mine), and lo and behold, it had been pwned. Dang.


It’s also possible to use tools like nmap for this purpose as well, but that takes more expertise – just a matter of preference. Anyhow, I somehow doubt that this troll went to all that effort – I think he just made the obvious connections between my dark web and clearnet social media accounts.

Still, it’s creepy. Maybe I ought to look into that fake identity thing, after all. It just seems like a lot of work to maintain three fake people.

Hidden Clubs: What’s the Password??

The first rule of Hidden Clubs is – you do not talk about Hidden Clubs.

Lo and behold, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a dark web site with numerous exclusive “clubs” that either require an invite or can only be entered with a certain number of “points” on the site.

If you want the link, here it is: http://x7giprgefwfvkeep.onion/


To register, you have to use a fake email address, as in “gebryotes@fake.onion.” Once that’s done, go through the “Club Directory” pictured above, and find things that interest you.

Of course, I had to join the MadIRC club, because they’re awesome, right? At the moment, that, and a few other clubs (as you can see in the screenshot) are the ones I’ve joined. So far, I’ve “gained access” by asking for an invite. I imagine this isn’t the case with all of the clubs, if they’re more “secretive.”

In fact, after taking a closer look at the site, this is true:


So I have to wonder – what are these “secret” clubs all about? Whistleblowing? Perhaps they’re darknet market or hacking related, and only want to include specific members. My guess would be the latter, but that’s just conjecture on my part. I base this on the fact that I have become a member of certain invite-only sites, and they were involved in the sale of illegal goods (albeit electronic ones, not drugs or weapons).

If they’re anything similar to sites like Suicide Apartment or the now-defunct dark0de, then it’s near impossible to get an invite – but you never know.

One of the more interesting clubs I came across was called “Silk Road,” (yeah that), and claimed to be a “new” market, or something along those lines. If you want my opinion, the Silk Road brand is dead, but good luck!


So, what’s the point of all this, then? I suppose that, like much of Tor, it’s intended for privacy and anonymity – or just to sound cool. I’ve noticed that, any time I say that a site is exclusive or members only, people keep asking how to get in. Ironically, once they do get in, the sites have a tendency to look disappointing.

Don’t get me wrong – I think Hidden Clubs is entertaining, but so far I haven’t figured out anything all that secretive about it. Maybe the problem is that I haven’t earned enough points yet.

That being said, I should start my own club on there. Any suggestions as to what to call it?

Meanwhile, Back on MadIRC…

After a very long time, I decided to drop into MadIRC again today, which I’ve written about on a few previous posts, such as MadIRC – Nice People on the Dark Web!?

It was quite nice to be among the sarcasm and tech talk once again. The only difference was that I was doing so on my Ubuntu system now, so under the hood, it was a contrasting process.

One of the “adjustments” I was getting used to was using WeeChat, as opposed to HexChat, which I had used on my old system. For those of you who like the old school technology look, WeeChat is about as old school as you can get:


I’ve mentioned on here before that I grew up using the DOS command prompt (yeah, pre-Windows), and WeeChat reminds me of that in so many ways! *geeks out*


The only problem I seemed to have with it, today, is that it wouldn’t connect via Tor. Am I cursed with this? Maybe. Actually, the issue might have been that I just didn’t have the Tor Browser open, which is a problem I also had with HexChat on occasion.

Anyway, the particular channel that I hang out on is called #Elite, and while it may not be full of psychos, per se, they’re just a tech-savvy bunch of guys who like things such as Linux and coding. Oh, and they might make the occasional politically incorrect joke – don’t worry, you get used to that!

What is rather frowned upon is anything relating to CP, or asking for links, or just general trolling. Look, if you read this blog, I’ve given more than my fair share of links. No need to stop by IRC for that, right?

So, uhh…what’s so special about it? I really don’t know. What’s special about any chat room, for that matter? Come by and see for yourself.

With that, I leave you with a classic quote from bash.org:

<Sonium> someone speak python here?
<lucky> SSSSS
<Sonium> the programming language