Terminal 00 Part 6: An Update?

I had, for the most part, moved on from Terminal 00 (thinking I had discovered most or all of it), but I’ve gotten some recent comments which pointed out that there are some parts I’ve probably missed.

So I dropped by the #terminal-00 Discord today and looked at their map of the site, which basically solves everything. I was going to take a screenshot of the map, but that function seemed to be disabled.

Anyhow, one section of the site I haven’t discussed yet is called 482a, which says “Which way, traveler?”


I don’t quite recall how I got to this part of the site, but the link is 482a. On this page, there are 13 boxes labeled “WAY,” each of which leads to a different path. Throughout, an alarm-like sound rings.

I’m not sure that I’ve gone through the entire thing, but it appears to just go in circles. Some of the paths also lead back to the beginning of the maze, via the 663v page.


Throughout this whole game, I’ve been curious as to what it all means. Even the author himself wouldn’t say exactly – I suppose that spoils the fun, doesn’t it?

If you haven’t checked out the site yet, I still recommend you do so – it’s a fascinating little “journey,” and for those of you that like puzzles and/or fantasy and sci-fi, this is right up your alley.

So then…which puzzle is next? We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?





Red Triangle Wiki Deleted!

For those of you who have been following this whole “red triangle” puzzle like I have, you may be disappointed to find out that the official wiki (on wikia, at least) has been deleted for not being a valid community.


Not valid? Why? Were there not enough fans?


I’m not sure why this is the case – perhaps the mods of that site didn’t find it to be relevant enough. However, there are some other sites with information about the puzzle (Reddit, of course!) Here’s the reddit thread (under r/ARG) for those who are interested: The Red Triangle – Cryptic deep web puzzle

Also, there are some YouTube videos about it – are you surprised? YouTube loves this kind of stuff!

Fright Knight, whose content I haven’t checked out much yet, has an in-depth video about it: The Unsolved Mystery of the Cryptic Deep Web Red Triangle Puzzle

There’s also some basic information on Steemit by (who else?) Defango, who brought attention to the whole thing in the first place: The Red Triangle Puzzle – updates.

Like Cicada 3301’s puzzles, there’s an endless amount of speculation and debate as to what these could be about. Are they a recruiting tool? Are they just for fun? Do they hint at something more sinister?

I don’t have any definitive answers about this, but since the wiki is gone, you puzzle solvers could use my blog posts as a reference, if you like! Unfortunately, I don’t have all the detailed lists of solutions that the wiki had previously.

In any case, it’s no big deal. I’m sure lots of other puzzles and mysteries will come along, but this one just happened to be one of the more intriguing ones as of late.

If you have any other mysteries to pass along, readers, feel free to share them in the comments. I like a good challenge.




Red Triangle Part 3: Toughest So Far!

Someone commented on my previous post that Mutahar, a.k.a. SomeOrdinaryGamers, had mentioned one of the Red Triangle sites on his episode THE EDGIEST CONFESSIONS!?! – Deep Web Browsing 149.

Nevertheless, I don’t think he made the connection between the puzzle and that particular onion site. (Heck, I only did it recently.) So here it is again:


“Increase your common thought process, become anything, anything if not all, mankind is the only individual that currently stands in your way. Reach out, reach inwards, connect to yourself, connect to you become apart of the universe.

“The reasons for hate will go unanswered; Progress onwards with only the idea of individualism; The fundamental ideas of individualism are the answer. Progression -Individualism – Logical Thinking”

As to what all that means, I don’t know, but it’s fun to speculate, right?

Anyhow, I haven’t explored Red Triangle Chapter 3 in much detail yet, but it contains several different ciphers and symbols.


I have a confession to make, guys and gals; I’m not always so good at deciphering these types of things without “technological assistance.” Nonetheless, this chapter, as well, has already been solved by its related Discord group, and if you want the answers, just go to the wiki and cheat! Ɛ‾ɹǝʇdɐɥƆ/ᴉʞᴉʍ/ɯoɔ˙ɐᴉʞᴉʍ˙ǝlƃuɐᴉɹʇ-pǝɹ//:sdʇʇɥ (Taking a cue from the newspaper, I wrote the text upside-down for fun!)

There’s also an audio clip which sounds a lot like cicadas chirping, but is most likely a sound cipher. At present, I don’t have the equipment on me to decode it; have a listen for yourself. (Actually, the answer to this one is also on the wiki, but again, I hate to give away the answer to you puzzle solvers!!)

Of note: if you click on the red triangle symbol on this particular page, it downloads an image called Pointers.png, which is a clue to solving this part of the puzzle:


Have you made the connection yet? There is, of course, more to this, but again, I didn’t want to give away all of the answers. In fact, maybe I should go to some unsolved pieces of the puzzle and see if I can discover anything!

If I do, I’ll write an update.

I Tried Captain Kutchie’s Key Lime Pies!


This post has nothing to do with the dark web, unless there’s a keylimepie772ma.onion.  It’s just a subject that’s mystified me a bit lately.

I mentioned on the post Investigating Translate Gate that I’m a fan of the YouTube channels Nightmare Expo and Elder’s Vault (links below), because, let’s face it – I love a good mystery.

On March 30, Elder posted a video entitled The Impossible Poster: My Look into the Infamous Captain Kutchie, which discussed a strange phenomenon occurring across the internet for what appeared to be 10 years or more.

There’s an “entity” who posts on all types of sites (e.g. recipe websites, forums, and relationship advice articles), referencing a place called Kutchie’s Key West Kutcharitaville Cafe (also called by other names). The reviews tend to be strange and rambling in nature, and while you could just pass them off as any old food review, that’s clearly not the case.


As Elder mentions in his video, this “Captain Kutchie” has made hundreds of thousands of posts across many different areas of the internet (although not the dark web yet, to my knowledge!). According to his research (as well as mine), this is a place that once existed, although at present, it appears to be closed – for good, that is.

The restaurant in question appears to have been located at:

2186 Hendersonville Road

South Asheville-Arden, NC 28801


For an example of one of the reviews I’m referring to, here: Foodio54: Kutchie’s Key West Kutcharitaville Cafe. There are several different comments by different accounts rambling about the restaurant, its key lime pie, and its owners. In fact, that’s one of the other strange things about the comments – they often have a sexual undertone to them.


Examples? Of course I had to use a green font – it’s key lime pie, after all:

“It just doesn’t get any 
better than seeing the gorgeous “Mrs. Anita Pelaez” over at her and her 
husband “Captain Kutchie’s” place..Some Folks Also Call Him..”The 
KutchMan others call him The Kutchmon!”…Most Just Call Him “The Most 
Interesting Man In The World”….(Anita and Kutchie Pelaez’s Key West, Key 
Lime Pie Factory and Grill)…Just watching the lovely couple baking together all those Yummy 
Key Lime Pies at their Key Lime Pie Factory and Grill in Asheville. 
…It’s always worth the trip to visit them in they’re Historic Key Lime 
Pie Factory and Grill…It should be on everyone’s bucket list for 
sure..And The World’s Best Key Lime Pies!..YUM-YUM-YUM….­­.”Talk About 
World Class” What An Understatement!…….AA­­HHHHH!….The Magic Of The 
Lovely..”Mrs. Anita Pelaez” And Her Delicious Key Lime Pies Baked With 
Pure Love…Always……40 Years And They’re Still Going Strong….” 

Like Elder and Nightmare Expo, I can really only speculate as to who this “person” or group is, and what the motivation behind all these posts is. One of the answers that they both posited was that a large group or cult could be responsible, which would be able to explain how the posts could be so widespread. It would also explain how they could get past any anti-spam/anti-bot measures.

Still, even if that explains the “how,” it doesn’t explain the “why.” Could they just be trolls, or is there some kind of hidden meaning behind the pie reviews? If it is a cult, are they worshiping key lime pie? Heck, it’s the internet; anything’s possible.



Perhaps it’s some combination of all the different theories – maybe some of the comments are by a bot, while others are by humans. It’s also possible that a group of people are behind it. Given all the sexual references, could it be a group of people that are into some kind of kinky stuff and are using “key lime pie” as a code? That could be a bit of a stretch, but you never know. After all, there are lots of forums for that sort of thing.

Again, I wish I had a “solution” to all this, but that’s what makes a mystery fun, right?

P.S. If you’re wondering if this is on the dark web, I checked briefly on Tor, and didn’t come across it. Maybe we should keep it going there, just for the hell of it! What do you say, fans??


For reference, here are a few other Captain Kutchie posts, as well as Nightmare Expo’s video:

Strange Reviews for “Pie” That Doesn’t Exist

They call it Crack Pie – A PIECE of TOAST

Lago Mar Beach Resort & Club – Google+






Terminal 00 Part 5: Further Down?

I had thought I was done with Terminal 00 last time, but the other day, I “discovered” some more parts of the site, and would like to share them with my readers who are puzzle enthusiasts.

On the homepage, if you go to the section that says “About Angus,” it tells you some information about the creator of the site, Angus Edandrake Nicneven:


Below his picture, it reads: “Uploading relevant data now…Expect fragmented data (CoS is the cause).”

One of the interesting sections on this page is entitled “A21 (Probe into subject’s organs).” Below this is a picture of what appears to be human intestines (though I could be wrong about that). Yay gore!


The caption reads:

Notice the lack of defenses and inefficient circulatory systems. Weak cellular structures, common in Earth biology, were also observed.

Subject’s writer status is not a symptom nor a cause for links to class [00] threats. Subconscious variables are suspect. See tables 2245-2250 for more information.

The link, as you’ll see if you click, leads here:


The text reads:

It isn’t hard to be a god.

All you have to do is do the impossible.

Getting here is a good first step.

Another tip is to never look into the sun!

From this point, if you click on the word “sun,” you will be taken to yet another page, called “Terminal 111 Sky,” which has a giant sun-like object in the middle:


Click on the sun, and you’ll arrive at a page called “Terminal 111 Entity”:


The text reads:

Error data (worthless) has been given purpose.

The ENTITY that should not have been, is.

(ir) Relevant data will be compiled in this space.

Caution. CoS is consuming this Terminal.

No probe class exists that can escape its depths.

Do not engage without a designated GRAVE to assist.

CoS quarantine contingencies are failing. It will not hold forever.

Below this, it reads:

Full name of subject: ??? ??? ???


An error allows it to attribute

monikers to itself.

Goes by several monikers.

No real name.

No real form.

No real presence.

Not real.

Erased long ago.

Subject: ENTITY should not exist.

If you continue to scroll downward, there is some text that reads, “Contact with ENTITY made by the speaker of Terminal 00. Connection to relevant data is available.” If you click the link there, you’ll be taken to this page, called “Terminal 111 Interview”:


On it is what appears to be an A.I. of some sort, which says, “This is the Speaker of Terminal 00. Are you prepared to answer my questions, ENTITY?” What follows is a conversation between this “ENTITY” and speaker, which you can see if you visit the page.

The Speaker asks the entity questions in a somewhat condescending tone, as if the latter shouldn’t be in the “Terminal” world. From what I gather, the Speaker is angered that the entity awakened “Terminal 111,” and is causing “CoS” to spread. (I’ve gathered that CoS is somewhat like “chaos,” although I don’t know if that’s what it stands for.)

At the end of the interview, if you click the next link, the “interview” continues, on the next page:


It seems that the Speaker is trying to get information out of the “entity” that the entity won’t reveal, but I haven’t figured out what this is yet.

This “Terminal” does go on farther, but I won’t reveal everything. I do wonder if there’s an “end” to this maze, or if it isn’t that type of puzzle.

Anyway, I encourage you to check out this page for yourself, readers, and see what else you might uncover. Perhaps you’ll get farther than I did!


Terminal 00 Part 3: Lost in the Maze

Since my first two posts about “Terminal 00” got such a good response, I figured I would explore it further for you!

When last we left off, we had reached the page called “Terminal Connect,” on which you could connect to some of the other terminals in the game (if you want to call it that).

Terminal 111 leads to a page like this:


The text reads:

Terminal 111 online

Detecting probe signatures

Relaying available data…


Below this is some more text:


It says:


CoS: 98%






If you click “PROCEED?,” it takes you to what’s called “Terminal 111 Spine,” which is a mysterious looking page with a series of question marks.


At the top it says, “You bring nothing but pain.” If you click on some of the question marks, you’ll see that they link to further pages in the puzzle. Most of them appear to be “dead ends,” however, as they often lead to this page:

terminal00_wtf_editedFor one of the links, on the other hand, this is not the case. It leads to a page called “Terminal 111 Heart,” which has text like this:

The Terminal is infected.

The ??? is infected.

The Brain is infected.

The Eyes are infected.

At the end of the page is a giant heart:


Nonetheless, it seems you can’t progress any farther from this page. Going back to the “Spine” page, there are several other links too, each of which says “This is nothing.”


Each of these leads to pages with flickering colored backgrounds, so they’re basically dead ends too. Of course, I haven’t even begun to cover the whole thing here.

There are three other “terminals” I’ve come across so far, which I’ll show previews of here:

You might wonder (as I have) what the point of all this is; I’m sure many people who have explored the website have thought the same thing. As Angus himself writes in the FAQ:

“The story I am writing, the webpages I’ve created, and all the rest have been created to further elucidate a truth I wish to reveal. To bestow that understanding I must pass along a message I have received or otherwise remembered: a warning by another name; although, there’s nothing to be done with this warning. Everyone already knows what I mean. It’s etched within all of us, upon us, and so on and so forth.”

That’s one reason that this puzzle has intrigued me so much; it seems to have either a spiritual or an apocalyptic subtext that I haven’t figured out yet. Obviously, I’m not re-dedicating my blog to this, but I’ll return to it from time to time.

As I said, if anyone else has clues or thoughts to contribute, feel free to leave them in the comments! (Especially if you make it farther than I did.)

Terminal 00 Part 2: Further Exploration!

Is it ironic that a clearnet site has been so fascinating to me lately? Don’t worry, I’ll get back to the dark web shortly, but I wanted to further explore this site a little.


On its homepage, there are a number of links to further sections of the site. For instance, if you click the glowing “text” below the scrolling message at the top, that takes you to another page, entitled “OPEN THE GATE.”


On this page, there are several different links. The two images in the center lead further into the “maze,” if you will, plus there are the three “menu options” below: “Altar,” “Terminal Connect,” and “Sacrifice.”

The top image leads to a page called “Sol_onsetx,” which, like the earlier pages, has distorted audio and flashing red lights (I think some of these pages may need a seizure warning).

Sol_onsetx contains a poem of sorts:


It reads:

Nothing can escape the truth.

Since, in sooth, distinctions,

walls of severance all…

Never existed in this, our hallowed, ever borrowed-



Now, take it all off at once!

There is no in-between.

Either we all fall, or it turns

about another way, so that, one other day, another

may say:

“Let us now, in respect to our err for being, pay.”

Sol onset, sol onset…

There is yet another way…

What does it mean? I’m not sure, but it could be a reference to death, because “our hallowed, ever borrowed-Hall” could mean the human body, or our planet, which are both temporary. And “sol” in Latin means “sun,” so “sol onset” could be a reference to coming of light, or coming of day.

What do you think, guys? I’d like to hear your interpretations.

The second image on the “open the gate” page leads to yet another page with a poem, albeit in a language I don’t recognize (and apparently Google Translate doesn’t, either).


It sounds somewhat like Latin, but my first guess is that it’s made up by the author:

koiuyyle en rennas ollyucent ein

annasent tassect, tenannt scycil un reccant.

Ryuent zann einnas unn ollrac.

Tenass, aven, aveyass allya Olyuil.

Somet nac, un sol onset.

Sol onset.

While I don’t understand the full meaning of it, I might be able to “translate” certain words. “Scycil” sounds similar to “scythe,” or “cycle”; “ein” is “on” or “off” in German; “tenannt” is very similar to “tenant”; “reccant” is similar to “recant” (as in “withdraw” or “take back”); “aven” is similar to “aver,” which in Italian means “having”; and “tassect” sounds similar to “tesseract,” which is a four-dimensional cube (like in A Wrinkle in Time).

As to putting the whole thing together, I haven’t yet. Any help here?

If you explore the abovementioned “menu options,” “Altar” takes you here:



I’ll pass on the sacrifice, thanks. If you click on the “god,” it takes you back to the homepage.

“Sacrifice” is one of the creepier pages, because it consists of a red background with a “hooded” figure that seems to follow your mouse cursor around:


Perhaps that’s a reference to death? I don’t know. Finally, “Terminal Connect” takes you to this page:



Further down, there are links to the different “terminals”:

Terminal 111

Terminal 9999999

Terminal 44527

Terminal 230

Some of these I hadn’t explored yet until I wrote this. I’ll let you check these out, readers. Let me know what you find, and if you have any interpretations of the puzzles!