.:L:.I:.O:.N:. 777: Further Exploration

When I first started checking out this LION 777 site, I had assumed it was a scam of some kind, but it appears that there’s more to it than that. (I guess I need to break out of that cynical mindset.) I’m still a bit skeptical, however, given some of the information they talk about.

I don’t know for sure, but it may actually be an internet-based secret society, along the lines of Cicada – don’t quote me on that, though.

Quoting the site itself, “L:.I:.O:.N:. is a Puzzle-Game.” OK, so we’ve established that. If I go by what the site says, the creators of the puzzle-game are this group called Order of Anarchy (OA).

For the curious, here’s Order of Anarchy’s official site: Order Of Anarchy – Enlighten. Overthrow Chaos. Empower.


Like the mysterious Cicada 3301 (if that’s even their real name), OA only gives bits and pieces of information about who they are and what they stand for, but if you put it all together, you can get a pretty good picture.

On their site, there is a brief “FAQ” of sorts, on which it says, “Who are we?” Their answer is “A [sic] Order of family and friends who play and create puzzles and games.” On this same page, they actually list a contact email address, which is orderofanarchy@gmail.com. Feel free to email them with more questions, I guess!

Here’s some other information that they list:


If you want to see the whole thing, just the visit the site. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it anymore, but it appears that this site is a hub for a larger organization with several sub-organizations underneath it.

Definitely going to check this out some more…







Away Glitch Swan


“Cicada 3301” Request!


So, a reader made a request on my previous post that I write about the mysterious “Cicada 3301” group (or other such groups).

While I do not know much about the “official” group, from what I gather, they are a secret society searching for enlightenment and the meaning of life, and they attempt to find this path through mathematics, physics, steganography, and other academic disciplines. I don’t think they have anything to do with more well known organizations, like the CIA, FBI, or NSA, even though some people have speculated about this connection.

The site that I thought was their official site used to hint at what the organization was about, and this is how I gathered that they were more spiritual than people may have realized.

What I figured out was that “3301” was not really the name of the group, so much as the person(?) that started it, and revealed the texts to the others (in a way, it’s like their “god” or spiritual guide). These texts would be the Liber Primus and the Gematria Primus, which the author wrote in runes and symbols:


Nonetheless, the reason that they started sharing the puzzles and mysteries with the world was that they really did want to recruit new members, but didn’t want just anyone to join – they were looking for people who were serious, highly intelligent, and skilled in many academic fields. And presumably, some people did actually pass the tests, although they probably never told anyone publicly about it.

The Uncovering Cicada Wiki, though not affiliated with the group directly, does have some intriguing information about the past puzzles, and about what Cicada is.

Interesting Updates

So, the site that I was referring to above (cicada3301) no longer has the wiki-like structure that it used to. I may be a little late to the party, but what now appears if you visit the site is this message:


It says “Make me a favor, please – Turn off javascript.” Curious, I turned off JavaScript, and then a hidden message appeared (which I did not expect):


I know that’s difficult to read, so I’ll spell it out here:

2+5+1 = 8


Since I just came across this, I haven’t had time to solve the puzzle yet, but there’s a definite significance to the numbers, obviously. Even if people have seen this link before, I thought I’d take a crack at the puzzle. In particular, this message has something to do with the number 18, and whatever that may symbolize.

I’ll illustrate: the square root of 324 is 18. 360,360 divided by 7 is 51,480 (as they state). The digits of 51,480, when added up, equal 18. The digits of 45,045, when added up, also equal 18. And obviously, 3.14125 are the first few digits of pi, but there’s more to it than this.

So what else does the number 18 signify? In Hebrew (where letters also stand for numbers), it is the symbol of life: chai.


Likewise, in China, 18 is associated with someone who will have great success and prosper. Could there be a connection? Perhaps!

There is also a correlation between 180 and π, in that to convert radians to degrees, you multiply by 180 over π: Convert from Radians to Degrees pi/18 Is this at all related, or is it reading too much into what’s there?

Perhaps someone who’s more experienced with steganography than I can take this a little further, so I intend to share this around.

And of course, some others have been working on this before me, if you want more information:

Cicada 3301 working out

Ideone.com – GFeI03 – Online Java Compiler and Debugging Tool (someone was analyzing the code of the page with this message)

What happened? r/cicada

VK.com – Utopia Show

There’s also a site which someone created not too long ago that seems to be associated with Cicada, although I have not verified this – http://www.1711141131131.xyz/. The former URL of this site was http://sevens.exposed, which now redirects to the new URL. At various times, this site has also shown different puzzles and encoded messages, similar to the ones that Cicada has posted. (Although, as the group themselves stated, “Beware false paths.”)


Presently, it shows a series of animated messages, which change from symbols to letters. The last three appear to be anagrams:


there will come a time

when you will decide

between yourself and your loved ones.

when it comes,

walk the path your peers would not.

and triumph in the victory that you feel in your heart.

A Cab Cede Ether Summer Fruit

A Bash Steg Mr Hemmer Prate

Weighted Jetport Moth


What does it all mean? Well, I did take a look at the phrase: “A Cab Cede Ether Summer Fruit,” and noticed that you can get “The Cicada” from some of the letters, but this may just be a coincidence. And I figured “Ana” was a reference to anagrams.

If you have further knowledge, feel free to leave a comment or an idea. That’s always welcome. Due to the fact that it used to be called “sevens.exposed,” I had initially thought that the site had been made by someone who was anti-Cicada.

I’ll elaborate on this in some future posts.


ZeroNet: Continuing Your Dark Webducation!


I’ve mentioned ZeroNet in a few previous posts, but haven’t gone into much detail about it. I think it has the potential to be a great network, if more people start using it.

It’s a bit different from Tor, in that you don’t have to have a separate browser to access it (although you do need the software). ZeroNet is a decentralized network that uses bitcoin cryptography and the BitTorrent network to create a “separate internet,” if you will.

ZeroNet also uses the Tor network to help users achieve anonymity, though the two are in fact different networks. (Wait…huh?) Yes, in addition to using the BitTorrent network, ZeroNet also has the ability to route traffic through Tor – although you can turn this feature on and off.

If you read its documentation, you can learn a bit more about it.


Author: Kahpecuce Copyright: 2016 Wikimedia Commons

According to the documentation, at present, ZeroNet offers these features:

  • Real-time updated sites
  • Namecoin .bit domain support
  • Multi-user sites
  • Passwordless – Bitcoin’s BIP32-based authorization
  • Built-in SQL server

As with PGP, on ZeroNet you have a public and a private key, which is a feature of asymmetric cryptography. Essentially, it’s the same type of cryptography that’s used to protect your bitcoin wallet.

I know how many people are curious about pseudo-top level domain names. As it says above, ZeroNet sites use the .bit domain, and there are quite a few out there. (But sorry, no .clos, .loky, .lll, or .rdos sites.) Aw, crap!

If you’d like to see a ZeroNet site, here’s one:


And here’s another:


Like the sites on Tor, I2P, and other networks, they don’t look all that fascinating. Many contain a lot of technical and coding information. It doesn’t surprise me, actually; I wasn’t expecting to find anything dark and secret on ZeroNet that I couldn’t find elsewhere.

Anyhow, this is going to be a short post, as I still have to explore ZeroNet quite a bit more. I just wanted to give you a little taste! I encourage other people to join it, because some of the forums and things seem a bit empty!

Thanks for reading – join me again, anonymity lovers!

P.S. For further reading, here’s a ZeroNet FAQ.







Can You Decrypt This?


I thought perhaps this post needed some explanation. I’ve joined a group that frequently communicates in code, and they inspired me to write a post completely (or mostly) in ciphertext.

So, what’s written below isn’t complete nonsense; it’s just encoded with two different types of ciphers. Can you figure out what it says?


Ijbigj djjn kb gbyj kej hgkjwuhkj wjhglkt xhnjd bu kej chwz fjo, db ejwj’d buj qbw tbr. Cjvbcj kej njddhxjd bu keld ibdk!

Tbr ehyj ojju dijvlhggt djgjvkjc kb sblu nj bu nt chwz fjo prjdk. Lq tbr hwj hogj kb cjvwtik fehk ehd ojju fwlkkju, L nht ehyj dbnj qrkrwj ighud qbw tbr.


L hn vrwwjukgt cjyldlux h iraagj qbw tbr kb dbgyj, ork lk ld hd tjk ruqluldejc. Feju lk ld, L dehgg huubruvj lk ejwj.


Cicada 3301 Puzzle in 2016 (No, I Haven’t Solved It!)


Cicada 4

I have long been an enthusiast of puzzles, particularly those of the verbal type. Nevertheless, I can safely say that I’ve yet to encounter something as difficult and complex as Cicada 3301 (and I’m sure many would agree). Trust me, if I had figured out all the answers already, I’d probably be a part of the organization, and might be helping come up with the puzzles.

I’m also a bit “late” to this game, considering that it originally started on January 4, 2012. but would like to contribute however possible. What I have learned thus far in my reading and study is that the Cicada puzzles require knowledge of cryptography, history, language, steganography, and coding (hooray!).

The previous clues have appeared across the world in both physical and digital media, music, Linux CDs, and other media. And the past puzzles have referenced many historical, literary, artistic, and philosophical areas: Agrippa: A Book of the Dead, by William Gibson, Francisco Goya, M.C. Escher, Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Carl Jung, Kabbalah, and Friedrich Nietzsche, just to name a few.

But that’s nothing new; you could’ve known all that from the Wikipedia article (Cicada 3301 – Wikipedia)!

From what I gather, there are many clues in the CICADA 3301 Liber Primus Sacred Book, which is more or less the “holy book” of Cicada 3301, so to speak.  The book was originally written in runes, though a Latin translation also exists.

In the process, I’ve begun following the official Cicada Twitter account (@1231507051321).  “They” have recently been tweeting cryptic messages in the form of 5-digit strings of numbers.  Under their bio section, it reads this:


I presume this is some kind of cipher, but I haven’t yet solved it (and I’m certain some people out there already have).  Honestly, this gives me the urge to learn more about cryptography, ciphers, and other fields of which I have limited knowledge, so that I can get closer to the truth.

The thing is, I’m already in the process of learning coding, gaining knowledge of the dark web, and writing as much as possible, so to add this onto my plate as well would be like taking on an interdisciplinary major!


Cult Status?!?!

I’m already fully aware that there have been cult/terrorist allegations against Cicada 3301, in particular by Dr. Tim Dailey of the Family Research Council, and I think it’s utter bullshit (in spite of the fact that they talk about a “holy book” and such).  If anything, that’s more figurative.

Anytime something of this nature comes out, there’s always someone who’s going to call it a cult, terrorist group, or devil worship, etc.  To them, I say:


My interest is primarily in solving the puzzles, because I just love a good mystery, and it’s very satisfying when you come up with the conclusion.

This looks like one of those posts that deserves a sequel or two…or three…or a whole season.