Terminal 00 Part 6: An Update?

I had, for the most part, moved on from Terminal 00 (thinking I had discovered most or all of it), but I’ve gotten some recent comments which pointed out that there are some parts I’ve probably missed.

So I dropped by the #terminal-00 Discord today and looked at their map of the site, which basically solves everything. I was going to take a screenshot of the map, but that function seemed to be disabled.

Anyhow, one section of the site I haven’t discussed yet is called 482a, which says “Which way, traveler?”


I don’t quite recall how I got to this part of the site, but the link is 482a. On this page, there are 13 boxes labeled “WAY,” each of which leads to a different path. Throughout, an alarm-like sound rings.

I’m not sure that I’ve gone through the entire thing, but it appears to just go in circles. Some of the paths also lead back to the beginning of the maze, via the 663v page.


Throughout this whole game, I’ve been curious as to what it all means. Even the author himself wouldn’t say exactly – I suppose that spoils the fun, doesn’t it?

If you haven’t checked out the site yet, I still recommend you do so – it’s a fascinating little “journey,” and for those of you that like puzzles and/or fantasy and sci-fi, this is right up your alley.

So then…which puzzle is next? We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?





Red Triangle Wiki Deleted!

For those of you who have been following this whole “red triangle” puzzle like I have, you may be disappointed to find out that the official wiki (on wikia, at least) has been deleted for not being a valid community.


Not valid? Why? Were there not enough fans?


I’m not sure why this is the case – perhaps the mods of that site didn’t find it to be relevant enough. However, there are some other sites with information about the puzzle (Reddit, of course!) Here’s the reddit thread (under r/ARG) for those who are interested: The Red Triangle – Cryptic deep web puzzle

Also, there are some YouTube videos about it – are you surprised? YouTube loves this kind of stuff!

Fright Knight, whose content I haven’t checked out much yet, has an in-depth video about it: The Unsolved Mystery of the Cryptic Deep Web Red Triangle Puzzle

There’s also some basic information on Steemit by (who else?) Defango, who brought attention to the whole thing in the first place: The Red Triangle Puzzle – updates.

Like Cicada 3301’s puzzles, there’s an endless amount of speculation and debate as to what these could be about. Are they a recruiting tool? Are they just for fun? Do they hint at something more sinister?

I don’t have any definitive answers about this, but since the wiki is gone, you puzzle solvers could use my blog posts as a reference, if you like! Unfortunately, I don’t have all the detailed lists of solutions that the wiki had previously.

In any case, it’s no big deal. I’m sure lots of other puzzles and mysteries will come along, but this one just happened to be one of the more intriguing ones as of late.

If you have any other mysteries to pass along, readers, feel free to share them in the comments. I like a good challenge.




Terminal 00 Part 4: New Discovery

I told you I would come back to Terminal 00, didn’t I?

Today I came across a new “section” of the site, which I thought it would be interesting to share.

On the main page, there’s an image with the message: “You have no chance of surviving this place. Turn back now, while there is still time.”


If you click the design in the center, it takes you to another page, called “Irentae”:


Click the design on this page, and you’ll be taken to a page with an ominous warning:


It reads:







To read the full warning, visit here: Terminal 00: Irentaex. If you click “RETURN,” it takes you back to the beginning, but who would want to do that? Anyhow, if you keep scrolling down, you’ll see another “probe,” if you will (at least I think it’s a probe).


Click that, and you’ll be taken to another probe that fluctuates and changes wildly:


If you go through this one, you’ll reach an ominous looking page called “Depth 0000 Start”:


Click the link in the center that says “Continue,” and you’ll arrive at this page, called “Depth 000”:


From here, as you can see in the screenshot, it says, “Dare you see the truth?” Below that are several links: “Grave,” “Message,” and “Retreat,” accompanied by the message, “Well? Do you see it?!”

It should seem obvious where you can go next, but if you scroll down a bit, there’s more:


The message reads:

It bleeds around you.

Mote by mote, it is revealed.

Made clearer to those without clarity.

Yet you must peer deeper still!

Look, look inward!

The word “deeper” has yet another link on it, which leads to this:


At the bottom of the page is yet another link that reads, “Deeper,” which takes you to a page called “Deeper Still”:


On the top of this page, as in the above screenshot, is a message that reads “CAN YOU SEE IT YET?” If you click on the diamond shapes spread across the page, they’ll light up, but they don’t lead anywhere. Once again, scroll to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see another link that says “Deeper.”


If you click this, then you’ll be taken to yet another page, with the repeated message, “CAN YOU SEE IT YET?” For fun, you can highlight these messages and they’ll glow. Scroll to the bottom of the page again, and there will be yet another link that says “Deeper.”

This leads to a strange page called “000 Noble,” on which you’ll see a large diamond shape:


This is not one of the “probes,” however. What’s compelling about this page is that it features some hidden text and some cryptic messages. Below the diamond shape are some black boxes which, if highlighted, reveal text:




The text reads, “But do you understand this? Because all there is to know, all there is.” Further down is some garbled text that says:



It’s c. o7mig for tis . Tem9nal.


It wl end 0. h3is fo3rv. er.


9Yu. us l. eave.

And underneath this is another “probe,” which leads back to the homepage. Aww, dang! I certainly don’t think we’ve explored the entire site yet, but this was an interesting little journey.

I should mention that if you start reading Angus’ fantasy novel Stars Bleed, which he has excerpts from on his site, some of the Terminal 00 puzzle will start to make sense, as they correspond with one another.

As I’ve said before, if anyone discovers parts of the site that I haven’t found yet, feel free to share them in the comments!

Terminal 00 Part 3: Lost in the Maze

Since my first two posts about “Terminal 00” got such a good response, I figured I would explore it further for you!

When last we left off, we had reached the page called “Terminal Connect,” on which you could connect to some of the other terminals in the game (if you want to call it that).

Terminal 111 leads to a page like this:


The text reads:

Terminal 111 online

Detecting probe signatures

Relaying available data…


Below this is some more text:


It says:


CoS: 98%






If you click “PROCEED?,” it takes you to what’s called “Terminal 111 Spine,” which is a mysterious looking page with a series of question marks.


At the top it says, “You bring nothing but pain.” If you click on some of the question marks, you’ll see that they link to further pages in the puzzle. Most of them appear to be “dead ends,” however, as they often lead to this page:

terminal00_wtf_editedFor one of the links, on the other hand, this is not the case. It leads to a page called “Terminal 111 Heart,” which has text like this:

The Terminal is infected.

The ??? is infected.

The Brain is infected.

The Eyes are infected.

At the end of the page is a giant heart:


Nonetheless, it seems you can’t progress any farther from this page. Going back to the “Spine” page, there are several other links too, each of which says “This is nothing.”


Each of these leads to pages with flickering colored backgrounds, so they’re basically dead ends too. Of course, I haven’t even begun to cover the whole thing here.

There are three other “terminals” I’ve come across so far, which I’ll show previews of here:

You might wonder (as I have) what the point of all this is; I’m sure many people who have explored the website have thought the same thing. As Angus himself writes in the FAQ:

“The story I am writing, the webpages I’ve created, and all the rest have been created to further elucidate a truth I wish to reveal. To bestow that understanding I must pass along a message I have received or otherwise remembered: a warning by another name; although, there’s nothing to be done with this warning. Everyone already knows what I mean. It’s etched within all of us, upon us, and so on and so forth.”

That’s one reason that this puzzle has intrigued me so much; it seems to have either a spiritual or an apocalyptic subtext that I haven’t figured out yet. Obviously, I’m not re-dedicating my blog to this, but I’ll return to it from time to time.

As I said, if anyone else has clues or thoughts to contribute, feel free to leave them in the comments! (Especially if you make it farther than I did.)

Terminal 00 Part 2: Further Exploration!

Is it ironic that a clearnet site has been so fascinating to me lately? Don’t worry, I’ll get back to the dark web shortly, but I wanted to further explore this site a little.


On its homepage, there are a number of links to further sections of the site. For instance, if you click the glowing “text” below the scrolling message at the top, that takes you to another page, entitled “OPEN THE GATE.”


On this page, there are several different links. The two images in the center lead further into the “maze,” if you will, plus there are the three “menu options” below: “Altar,” “Terminal Connect,” and “Sacrifice.”

The top image leads to a page called “Sol_onsetx,” which, like the earlier pages, has distorted audio and flashing red lights (I think some of these pages may need a seizure warning).

Sol_onsetx contains a poem of sorts:


It reads:

Nothing can escape the truth.

Since, in sooth, distinctions,

walls of severance all…

Never existed in this, our hallowed, ever borrowed-



Now, take it all off at once!

There is no in-between.

Either we all fall, or it turns

about another way, so that, one other day, another

may say:

“Let us now, in respect to our err for being, pay.”

Sol onset, sol onset…

There is yet another way…

What does it mean? I’m not sure, but it could be a reference to death, because “our hallowed, ever borrowed-Hall” could mean the human body, or our planet, which are both temporary. And “sol” in Latin means “sun,” so “sol onset” could be a reference to coming of light, or coming of day.

What do you think, guys? I’d like to hear your interpretations.

The second image on the “open the gate” page leads to yet another page with a poem, albeit in a language I don’t recognize (and apparently Google Translate doesn’t, either).


It sounds somewhat like Latin, but my first guess is that it’s made up by the author:

koiuyyle en rennas ollyucent ein

annasent tassect, tenannt scycil un reccant.

Ryuent zann einnas unn ollrac.

Tenass, aven, aveyass allya Olyuil.

Somet nac, un sol onset.

Sol onset.

While I don’t understand the full meaning of it, I might be able to “translate” certain words. “Scycil” sounds similar to “scythe,” or “cycle”; “ein” is “on” or “off” in German; “tenannt” is very similar to “tenant”; “reccant” is similar to “recant” (as in “withdraw” or “take back”); “aven” is similar to “aver,” which in Italian means “having”; and “tassect” sounds similar to “tesseract,” which is a four-dimensional cube (like in A Wrinkle in Time).

As to putting the whole thing together, I haven’t yet. Any help here?

If you explore the abovementioned “menu options,” “Altar” takes you here:



I’ll pass on the sacrifice, thanks. If you click on the “god,” it takes you back to the homepage.

“Sacrifice” is one of the creepier pages, because it consists of a red background with a “hooded” figure that seems to follow your mouse cursor around:


Perhaps that’s a reference to death? I don’t know. Finally, “Terminal Connect” takes you to this page:



Further down, there are links to the different “terminals”:

Terminal 111

Terminal 9999999

Terminal 44527

Terminal 230

Some of these I hadn’t explored yet until I wrote this. I’ll let you check these out, readers. Let me know what you find, and if you have any interpretations of the puzzles!

Terminal 00: Portfolio or Puzzle?

Those of you who spend a reasonable amount of time on the dark web may have come to the conclusion that it’s boring (contrary to popular belief!). I mean, just look at this one:


No offense, DOXBIN; please don’t dox me, OK? While I don’t necessarily think that it’s boring, there seem to be just as many (if not more) strange sites on the clearnet.

Case in point: I recently came across the site angusnicneven.com, which appears to be a portfolio site for the artist Angus Nicneven (also called “Terminal 00”). I only say “appears” because if it is a portfolio site, it’s the most bizarre (and awesome) one I’ve ever seen.

On its homepage, the site looks like this:


It has a constant buzzing noise in the background, which can get grating after awhile, but there’s always the mute button for that. Besides, it definitely contributes to the overall atmosphere.

Across the top of the page, you’ll see some scrolling text that reads, “Terminal 00 may be traversed by way of probes. Current probe classification: 00 Penetrate the depths of our pain with that, dear traveler.”


OK, so where do I get a probe? Maybe he has them for sale….

Anyway, if you scroll further down the page, you’ll see some links to Angus’ bio and “portfolio,” if you will. Even these, however, aren’t what you’d normally expect from a portfolio site.

If you click on the “About” link, it takes you to this:


The image flickers like some kind of hazy TV transmission, which is a very nice touch. It’s almost as if Angus isn’t a human at all, but an A.I. of some kind (I’m sure that isn’t the case, but it fits the story!).

Below the photo, it says “Uploading relevant data now…

“Expect fragmented data (CoS is the cause).” Interestingly, if you click that link, it takes you to this disastrous looking page:


If you can’t read the text, it says, “Return. CoS Detected. This space is unstable. We will maintain for as long as we are able. Watchers are ineffective at this stage. Use signal [SOL onset] and awaken the constructs.”

Below that is some animated text that says “CoS is spreading and spreading and spreading…” endlessly. If you wait for this text to finish printing, you’ll eventually see a message that says, “Ahh, so you haven’t retreated yet? You must feel the same as I do. Any cost, even death, it’s irrelevant, right? For a probe only needs to probe, to plunge deeper and reveal truths. Well then let us probe further…”


The next page is called “Crossroad,” and looks like this:


That’s not the entire thing, but I wouldn’t want to give away the whole puzzle, would I? (In fact, I haven’t solved all of it yet.)

So what does all of this mean? I’m not entirely sure. The site does have an FAQ, which might explain some of it. One of the questions on the FAQ reads, “What is the purpose of this website?”

The answer says:

“There is no singular purpose to this website. Much like certain phrases or paragraphs in my writing, there is a multi-faceted purpose to it.

“Firstly, angusnicneven.com is my author website; I require such a thing to further my writing ambitions. Secondly, it is another way to give my nightmares a vector into your mind. That is to say, I can spread my warning further and by a different means AND have it spread faster than a non-released book will. Far from instant gratification, but much faster in comparison. Thirdly, it’s a creative outlet. It’s fun… sometimes.”

Well, I can’t argue with that!

There is one link that reads “Map,” but it’s basically a red herring, because all you see is this, plus an “error” message that disappears quickly:


There’s also a mysterious page called “Gathering,” which has this text:


This definitely reminds me of some of my favorite horror films. How did you know I was a fan?

Like I said earlier, this has nothing to do with the deep web and/or dark web; I just thought it was interesting, and fun!

If you’re interested in seeing more about this site, readers, let me know, and I’ll explore it further. I encourage you to do the same.


LION777 Continued: Next Clues?

So…I was about to give up on this whole LION777 puzzle, as I thought I’d reached the end, but someone gave me a few new clues.

On Pastebin, there’s a post called LION777 33rd Degree Information Unclassified 1337 ARG, which lists additional information on getting to the next few sites. Keep in mind, though – this has nothing to do with the “deep web” or “dark web” (according to their technical definitions, anyway).

Anyhow, if you read the Pastebin post, it lists links to the previous sites, as well as clues to the hidden sites:


For instance, the first site is 777777.ga, which had all the secret society symbols, such as the ones from Freemasonry, the Skull and Bones, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. I’m not sure if these necessarily relate to the puzzle as a whole, however, or if they’re just there to look mysterious.

To progress through the early stages of these sites, you merely have to scroll to the bottom of the page, where the URL to the next site is. On the other hand, once you get to a certain point, the links become less obvious (which I was hoping for, to be honest!).

The most recent development seems to be that they’ve added new sites to the “maze,” so to speak. On the Pastebin post, you should see something that reads:

The [Future Was]

http://71717.ml #8

http://71777717.ml #9

http://832017.gq/ #10

http://832017.gq/ **** #11

The last link there was the first one I hadn’t visited yet. It looks like this:


Below it is some more “poetry,” so to speak, or clues, such as:

The galactic clock is restarting 1 more time.



The LION and Serpent battle

while the sun and shadow

play a final time.

The black squirrel ran in front of the light.

VERTIAS [sic] was exposed.

Now eight was in the race

And joined the seven.

I’m sure they meant “VERITAS,” right guys? Below the poem is some more imagery, followed by another link. This time, however, the link leads to a 404 page – mysterious, eh? Either the site isn’t finished, or it’s a red herring!

If you go back to the Pastebin post, there are some further links you can follow. I would imagine that it doesn’t reveal all of them, of course.

It’s worth noting that on some of the sites, they feature external links to some conspiracy theory-like stuff, but I’m only marginally interested in that (for instance, there are links to UFO and alien stories). This may surprise you, but I’m highly skeptical of much of that.

And in spite of the fact that I’ve worked on this puzzle, I still maintain that there is no Mariana’s Web.

To each his own, I suppose!