Have I Been Pwned A *Third* Time?(Nooooooo!)

You know, I hate that things like this keep happening, but my onion site appears to be down, and I’m not sure what the cause is.

It’s possible that my “security” wasn’t secure enough, and someone was able to break in, but I don’t know that for certain. Even popular onion sites go down on occasion. If it’s down for good, though, we just might have to generate a new one.

Geez, and I thought that after restoring my laptop, my “data loss” troubles were over! Fortunately, as with the laptop, there wasn’t much data on the site, to begin with, so it’s no great travesty.

I’ll have to use something like Shallot or Eschalot to do the job if that’s the case. Yay hooray bravo…

If you haven’t heard of it before, Shallot is one of the programs that people use to generate vanity onion addresses. Shane McRetro explains a bit about it in this blog post from two years ago: Generating Custom Darknet Onion Names


Scallion and Eschalot have similar purposes, though they work differently. Scallion uses GPU hashing, whereas Eschalot uses a wordlist search. (Those links go to their respective GitHub pages).

Anyhow, I don’t know exactly why the site is down, but perhaps it’s time that I gain some expertise in this area so that I can manage it myself! After all, most of the markets have multiple addresses for this reason. Without regard to that, even the markets with alternate URLs often have phishing sites. Wouldn’t it be interesting if there were a “Secrets of the Dark” phishing site? (I should do that just for kicks.)


So, what’s next, then? Maybe I’ll use Eschalot and try this over again, or just stay on the clearnet for now. I’ve also been traversing the dark web for disturbing stuff, but only have occasional luck with that.

If you have any other requests or ideas for places I should investigate, feel free to contact me. I’ll be in my “dark web office” until 10 PM.





Give the People What They Want!

Someone commented on my post Exploring Tor Links Again, Just For You! the other day, and said the following:


“We want snuff/gore/rape websites.” I kid you not. Well, what did I expect when I write a blog about the dark web? Also, I noticed I had been getting a lot of comments on one of my older posts about red rooms, so maybe that needs some clarification.

As I said on the post Hmm _ Needs More Gore! (NSFW), though, there appear to be a lot more gore sites on the clearnet than on the dark web (at least from what I’ve discovered). Nonetheless, as a result of this comment, I did go searching for something of this nature, to see if I may have missed all the “interesting” stuff.

What I came up with, however, looks a little questionable (as much of the dark web does). I did my initial search on the not Evil search engine, which is still one of my favorites.

Searches for “gore” and “snuff” turned up some compelling results, to say the least. For instance, the first result had nothing to do with snuff (in the sense of snuff films), but rather snuff tobacco!

The first result related to what the commenter was talking about, however, was this site: http://snuffyknz5eb6spv.onion. Now, before you give me a hard time about sharing snuff movies on the blog, I need to point out – this could very well be a scam, like many other dark web sites.

I can’t verify whether or not this is real, but if anyone wants to give it a try, have at it. If you lose your bitcoin, I’m not responsible.

That being said, one site that I do know of that has gore photos and such is my favorite darknet social network, Psycho Social Network! I’ve talked about it on several earlier posts, like this one: Psycho Social Network: New and Improved!.


While it’s not a gore site in and of itself, several of the groups on the site are dedicated to sharing images and videos of that nature. So, that might be a good consolation prize!

As far as other stuff like this goes, it’s a shot in the dark (pun intended). There appear to be lots of sites offering “snuff videos” and such, but unless you pay for it, there’s no way to know if it’s real or a scam – and I tend to lean toward the latter!

Here’s an example. On a much earlier post, I talked about the site “Forbidden Video Studio,” which would allegedly produce any kind of crazy content you wanted for bitcoin:


The idea sounds sick enough, and for the record, that’s not what I’m into. That being said, the people who actually paid to watch this stuff may have been disappointed (just like those who paid for the so-called “red rooms”). To be honest, I hope they were!

More recently, I’ve come across some sites that use the same format (the stairway going down into the creepy basement pic), which may or may not be run by the same people. If the original was a scam, I’m inclined to think that these are too.

The one exception is that there are some sites which require special authorization to access (a.k.a. private onion services) – I have never accessed one of these, and it’s possible that they contain some very sick material. I don’t know for sure, though. See Creating Private Onion Services – traudt.xyz for more info on this.

Anyhow, your best bet is to join Psycho Social Network, or stick to the gore sites on the clearnet. I’m sure you can get your fix there, unless you want to commit the murders yourself.

I hope not, though.

I Have An Onion Site! (But Not Much On It Yet.)

Very recently, the admin of Psycho Social Network set up a Tor hidden service for my blog as a favor. Thanks, P5ych0n37! (You know who you are.)

The onion site is located at http://secretsnft5vyssr.onion. At the moment, I admit that it doesn’t look all that spectacular, but I’m working on adding some content over there, and perhaps styling it a bit.

My first question, when I started writing there, was “What can I write that people don’t already know?” I’m sure there’s plenty, however. A lot of people that I encounter on the so-called “dark web” seem unfamiliar with it, as a matter of fact.

On MadIRC, so many people come into the chat and ask, “What is this place?” that the mods finally censored those particular words! What is it? It’s a chat room, FFS!


In the same vein, perhaps I can continue with similar work – that is, debunking and explaining Tor and its darknet brethren (I2P, Freenet, etc.).

Also, since people seem to love links, links, links – I’m sure I could share lots of my favorite links! After all, tons of the onion sites I know are just lists of links anyway.

For example, here’s another red room (wink): http://zaoklnavsgzaxhf4.onion/ – HINT: it’s probably not real. As I always say, though, feel free to spend your money on that if you want.

If it’s gore you’re after, I’d just recommend signing up for the Psycho Social Network, which actually exists, or go to one of the gore sites I mentioned in an earlier post.

Unless you want to brave the Shadow Web…ooohhh!!




Fresh Onions: Mystery Solved!

If you read my previous post, you may know that I was curious about the fact that I was getting traffic from the site Fresh Onions.


I looked into it today, and figured out the “mystery.” What I did was to search the link list, specifically for the URL of this blog, or the name of it. One of the things that came up was someone’s personal site, which also had a list of links.

Among that link list was – lo and behold – a link to the blog. As to the identity of the site’s owner, I’m not sure. I suspect, however, that it’s one of these “puzzle creators” that I’ve previously blogged about, because much of the other information on the site was in somewhat of a puzzle/cryptography format.

Alright, then – mystery solved! Still, I would actually like to set up an onion site, and thankfully, the admin of Psycho Social Network offered to give me a boost in that direction. I appreciate it, bro!

So, expect to see “Secrets of the Dark” on the dark web sometime soon!

I might have to dig a little “deeper” to find things that the people in onionland don’t already know about.

Am I On “Fresh Onions”?

I noticed something strange when looking at my stats today. On WordPress, it will tell you what other sites referred people to your blog. One of the referrers happened to be the site Fresh Onions, which I’ve mentioned on some earlier posts.

The odd thing about this is that the only sites listed on there, to my knowledge, are onion sites. At the time of this writing, I haven’t yet set up a Tor hidden service for this blog (as much as people have bugged me to) – I’ve just had other things on my plate.

Maybe someone decided to do that for me? Um…thanks.

I decided to stop by Fresh Onions and see if there were any links to the blog on there, but at first glance, that didn’t appear to be the case:


Of course, because Fresh Onions uses a crawler, its link list is very long, and I may have missed something. If one of you readers actually did make a Tor hidden service for me, I should say – thanks! Still, I’d like to know who it was. And since this is, well, my site – I’d like to have access to the Tor version.

Suddenly I’m picturing “Secrets of the Dark” – the clone site, with scam links and all. Wouldn’t that be fun? It should look something like this:


So, if anyone does have any information that I happened to miss, feel free to leave a comment.

And thanks for the reminder – I will set up an official Tor hidden service soon.

Hmm _ Needs More Gore! (NSFW)

In response to a conversation I was having with orcaflotta, who writes the blog Thar She Blows!, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite shock sites that just so happen to be on the clearnet.

In fact, this seems to be the type of content that people expect to find on the dark web, and yet I don’t run into it on the dark web very much. Maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough?


In some previous posts, I’ve mentioned the site riGOREmortis, which is my current favorite. Why? Well, for one, it seems to have a cool community, and also, they have some truly disturbing images there.


For instance, one of the current popular images is entitled “Young Woman Murdered and Hacked Up in the Jungle.” Now, I don’t want you to get the idea that I’m some kind of psychopath (in spite of my travels on the dark web) – I’m just fascinated with mortality, and being exposed to disturbing things helps me confront that.

According to its about page, the site was started by former admins at Best Gore, due to some kind of drama.

The site has such categories as “Murder,” “Accidents,” “Disease,” etc. It’s the first such site that I’ve actually become a member of, as a matter of fact. If gore and disturbing images are your type of thing, go on over and check it out.

Best Gore


Speaking of Best Gore, I still think it’s one of the better gore sites as well (drama or no drama). Like riGOREmortis, it has numerous categories of gory images and videos: Animal Encounters, Beheading, Bloody Injuries, Execution, and…Chill Out Videos? I haven’t clicked on that one yet, but it doesn’t sound so disturbing. I should prepare to be horrified, shouldn’t I?

Like these other sites, Best Gore takes somewhat of a political stance on its existence:

Best Gore is a reality news website which reports on real life events which are of the interest to the public. Best Gore was founded on the fundamental principle that freedom of expression, freedom of the press and the right of the public to be informed are fundamental and necessary conditions for the realization of the principles of transparency and accountability that are, in turn, essential for the promotion and protection of all human rights in a democratic society.

Though I’m really a nice guy, I tend to agree with this. I feel as though there’s a lot of internet censorship going on right now, so sites like this are important. Just because you censor something, that doesn’t mean it’s going to go away.



The YNC has a mixture of your typical gore/death pictures and videos, along with some nude/camgirl type content.

What types of gore, you ask? A few examples: “Two Sick Fucks Torture and Waterboard Woman,” “Old Man Beaten in the Street for Sending Young Girl Explicit Photos,” and “Cop Charged with Manslaughter for Shooting Unarmed Mother in the Head.” G-rated stuff, right?

No, seriously – I would never expect to find anything resembling Disney on any of these sites. The YNC also has a forum where you can make friends with fellow goreheads.



Deathtube, as opposed to the other gore sites here, is a little outdated. Its most recent post is from October 6, 2017 (as you can see in the screenshot, footage of the Las Vegas shootings).

I attempted to look at some of its archives, and those seemed to be missing or miscoded as well. Those of you who think gore sites are sick will probably be happy that this one is down, but if you’re actually interested in this, I can’t recommend this particular site.

Crazy Shit


I would show a screenshot of the content this site, but like I said before, I try to keep this blog semi-SFW. Its URL is Crazy Shit, if you want to check it out.

As its title implies, it has many categories of gore, albeit more in the “bizarre” range. To give you some idea of what you might find there, here are a few samples: “So That’s What Keeping a Sex Slave Looks Like,” “My Man, It’s Time to See a Doctor or a Veterinarian,” and “Seriously?! Girl Slices Artery Open and Calls It ‘Art.'”

As opposed to the other gore sites, it has kind of a snarky, sarcastic edge to it as well. If you’re into this kind of thing, I recommend giving it a visit.

Documenting Reality


Documenting Reality is very similar to the other sites here, albeit with less NSFW material on the front page. Categories include “Death Pictures,” “Human Deformities and Medical Problems,” “Real Car Crash & Accident Videos,” “True Crime Case Files & Death Investigations,” and “Conspiracy Theories & The Paranormal.”

I would say that the paranormal and mystery sections are what differentiate this site from the other gore sites – it’s not just about shock, but people are actually interested in solving these strange mysteries and such. Give it a visit at Documenting Reality



Like the other sites here, Goregrish has photos and videos of things like ISIS killings, murders, genocide, executions, suicide, and accidents. What more could you want?

Plus, like the other sites, there’s a forum where you can socialize with your fellow gorriers. As to what differentiates it from the others, I can’t tell at first glance, but I think it would be the community.

In that regard, it’s a lot like riGOREmortis and some of the other very active sites. For instance, it features groups like “Morbid Mania,” “Cute Dead Bitches,” and “Goregrish Chicks Only!” Sounds like a good place to spend my Sundays. Check it out at Goregrish.


Anyway – I think I’ve had my fill of death for the day. Time for lunch!


Have I Been Pwned (Again)?

Sigh. You would think that, with all my dark web exploring, I’d be better at being confidential. Hey, I’m working on it!

This morning, I was chatting on IRC, and a “random” person happened to pop in. He acted as if he knew me, but in a few seconds, it just turned out he was a troll (or at least I think that was his purpose).


I had seen the same person on Psycho Social Network a few times, and that site has a link to this blog on the homepage. It also has a link to my Twitter account. It appears that said troll just made a connection between the various accounts, and decided to use it against me. Why? Probably because he could.

What happened then was that he left the chat and came back in, using my real name. Do I have a doppelganger or something? Finally, the mods kicked him, but I have to wonder – where else is my personal info being leaked?

As I mentioned on Beware, Maltego Will Find You!, it can be easy to connect different social media accounts and such. Maltego isn’t the only tool for this, but it’s a handy one.


In the instance above, Maltego has collected email addresses from SANS Institute, and will also collect the nameservers and mail servers. Creepy, no?

I tried a similar search on Have I Been Pwned with an email address I came up with off the top of my head (not mine), and lo and behold, it had been pwned. Dang.


It’s also possible to use tools like nmap for this purpose as well, but that takes more expertise – just a matter of preference. Anyhow, I somehow doubt that this troll went to all that effort – I think he just made the obvious connections between my dark web and clearnet social media accounts.

Still, it’s creepy. Maybe I ought to look into that fake identity thing, after all. It just seems like a lot of work to maintain three fake people.