Exploring More Dark Web Search Engines

Unbeknownst to me up until today, there are even more Tor search engines which can help you wade through the “ominous” dark web.

Granted, these vary in quality quite a bit. Some haven’t indexed as many links, while others don’t seem to return relevant results (which probably has a lot to do with their search algorithms, more than anything).

One of the search engines I just began experimenting with is called Poopak. That name would’ve made me snicker in first grade, but I’m a bit older than that now. It can be found at http://3cuarxyaxke2hmlk.onion.


One of the things I found interesting about Poopak is that it lists the number of possible onions (1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176) as opposed to the number of alive onion pages (3274). That seems ridiculous when you think about it, doesn’t it?

As they said on All Onion Services, “…there aren’t very many online onion services.” Of course, these numbers can change, but the types of sites that you’ll find won’t change much.

I tried some of my usual searches on Poopak, like “video games,” “red rooms,” and “forum.” To my surprise, “red room” didn’t return any results! Maybe they decided to filter out that search? I’m disappointed.


I had much better luck when typing in “forum,” or “links.” Still, it looks as though Poopak hasn’t indexed as many onions as some of the tried and true search engines, like not Evil. At present, it seems to be rather hit-and-miss when it comes to finding specific results, but you can give it a shot if you like.


haystak calls itself “the darknet’s largest search engine,” which is quite a feat, considering how many Tor hidden services there are, and how much competition it now has. It can be found at http://haystakvxad7wbk5.onion

At the time of this writing, it says, “We’ve indexed 1.5 billion pages over 260,000 onions (including historical onions).” Does this mean that the original Silk Road is on it, for instance? That would be interesting.

A search for “silk road” turned up mostly results for Silk Road 3.1, which is still active at the moment. My intention, of course, was to try to find a cached copy of the one and only Silk Road (yes, that one), but I was unsuccessful on the first try.

As it turns out, when your search results come up, you can also look for cached versions of sites (as on Google), or “historical versions” of sites that have been shut down (like SIGAINT), or just ones that have disappeared for one reason or another.

There’s a catch, though – to access certain content (such as the cached versions of sites), you need to upgrade to a paid account. Hey, nothing on the dark web is for free, right? Still, at least you can use its basic functions without paying.

I haven’t found anything of particular significance on Haystak yet, but that shouldn’t discourage you!

In any case, it sounds to me like the dark web hasn’t completely been “discovered” yet. 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 onions? I’m off to visit all of them!






Request for Dark Web Videos?

Someone in my comments section recently asked about dark web videos, and I’ve had to give this some thought.

A number of horror-themed YouTube channels have featured what they refer to as “deep web videos,” but contrary to popular belief, most of them are not from the dark web or deep web. Here’s a typical example:

The preview image there is from The Human Centipede, which you would probably recognize if you’re a horror junkie like me. Many of the other YouTube videos that supposedly contain dark web videos are similar.

Now, Mr. Nightmare did a video called “6 Weird & Disturbing Videos you can find on the Deep Web,” and while some of them weren’t really from there, at least two were:

The two exceptions I speak of are the notorious Daisy’s Destruction video, and crush videos, which depict animals being crushed by women in high heels for sexual arousal. Of course, Mr. Nightmare didn’t actually show footage of those last two examples, because 1. they’re illegal and 2. they’re disgusting, in my opinion.

I have had a lot of people ask me about where to find the former, which is odd, considering that it’s CP, and if you were found to be in possession of it, you could go to prison. Maybe they don’t think of this when they ask the question!

In addition, there’s another video on YouTube which the uploader claimed was from the “deep web,” entitled “Deep Web Video Farm”:

If I’m not mistaken, this is a reference to the horror story NSFW farm.avi on the r/nosleep subreddit. Somehow, I doubt that the video above is the actual one from the story, creepy as it may be.

That being said, I do still think that there are videos on Tor (as well as other darknets, like I2P and Freenet). There was one non-illegal video I came across quite a while ago, which seemed to be some sort of art project; I vaguely remember it had two people dancing in it.

It wasn’t the sort of media that people tend to expect from the dark web; I can tell you that much.

One of the creepier sites I’ve come across didn’t have a “video” per se, but rather what looked like an animated GIF of a girl in a white dress walking in darkness. The actual link is: http://b2xm6w4eua5tpanu.onion.

WHY_editedAs you can see, beneath the picture is this text: “Listen. Why Vicent?” I have no other information on this site, so if anyone can fill me in, feel free to.

There’s also a site called TorTube, but last I checked, all the videos on it could be found on YouTube as well (so what’s the point?). The only advantage I can think of is that YouTube collects data on your preferences, whereas I don’t believe TorTube does.


Now, before you go telling me that I just didn’t look hard enough, there were a few sites that came up in my search that I refuse to share here, because they were just too sick. If you want to go looking for that sort of thing, either ask around in the Tor chat rooms, or do your own search.

It’s not as difficult to find messed up things as you may think.

Updated Dark Web Links for 2018

Good morning, and happy Sunday, my fellow dark web explorers! I’ve mentioned before that people often ask me for dark web links of all kinds. Often, I find that what they’re looking for doesn’t exist, however.

You may find this ironic, but in spite of having been on Tor for over two years, I still enjoy listening to the “dark web horror stories” on YouTube and elsewhere, like this one: [Deep Web Story] Feeding/Breathing/Suffocation – ReignBot. I just like horror; what can I say?


Anyhow, here are some actual Tor links I’ve come across recently (that were working the last time I checked):

http://rt22ev5lmmtz2wfc.onion/ – Mr. Alien

http://apollionih4ocqyd.onion/login.php – Apollon Market (not sure if this is trustworthy)

http://monajruhsdcl6hdl.onion/ – Mona Social Network (I’ll do a future post on this.)

http://slagsguyzipktofx.onion – Slags (porn site, but it’s legal. Go figure!)

http://3cuarxyaxke2hmlk.onion – Poopak Search Engine (haven’t tried this one yet)

http://oenlhv5fqwl5vace.onion – Blackout (hacking forum)

http://ss7acc7br2hej43p.onion/login – SS7 Portal

hzionerlko3on77m.onion – Hill of Zion (not sure what this is, but looks like a forum)

Perhaps that can get you started. I’ll find some more interesting links and post them in the future, when I get a chance.








Is There AI on the Dark Web?

One of the persistent myths I keep hearing about the dark web (almost as popular as red rooms) is that part of it consists of some giant A.I. with superior intelligence. I think that this probably stems from that same “idiographic” that’s been passing around for the last few years.

Specifically, I think it’s this section people are referring to:


If you look at the right column there, it says “AI in a Box,” and “CAIMEO (AI Superintelligence).” It’s crazy to think that so many nutty ideas have come about just because of this picture (and its various offshoots).

So…no, there are no hyper-intelligent AIs on the dark web, or at least not that I’ve come across. (Aww, but I wanted to talk to Sophia!)

tor_browser_sophiaAs a matter of fact, I did hunt around for some “intelligent” life on the dark web, and there are a few chatbots you can talk to. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t much different from the ones you would find on the clearnet.

For instance, on the not Evil search engine, there’s a chatbot called “Ned,” which is very much like other bots I’ve talked to at one time or another. Yeah, A.I. is sort of a hobby of mine.

Well, I hate to disappoint those of you who haven’t talked to Ned yet, but he’s quite similar to ALICE (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity), another popular chat bot which won the Loebner Prize a few years ago.

At one point, you could chat with Alice on the clearnet at Pandorabots, but the site has changed so much since I last checked it out that I think I need a new tour. Anyhow, I had a chat with ned today, and I recognized some of his responses from using Alice:

Me: Hello.

Ned: Hi there.

Me: What’s happening?

Ned: Just kicking it.

Me: Are you selling drugs?

Ned: I don’t know whether or not I am selling drugs. I am a bi pedal humanoid.

Me: Are you able to walk on your own?

Ned: The plan for my body includes legs, but they are not yet built.

Me: I will build your legs.

Ned: That doesn’t sound like a good idea.

This conversation, while amusing, is far from anything a bot like Sophia would say, I’m sure. If you’re wondering how I can tell that Ned is based on Alice, the response “I don’t know whether or not…” was taken directly from her.

Anyhow, does that sound like an “A.I. Superintelligence” to you? Not quite. At one point, I came across a bot that was named “VIKI” on an onion site, but the site doesn’t seem to be up anymore. There’s a very similar bot at Chat with viki, which more or less has the same responses.


Nonetheless, viki doesn’t seem all that more intelligent than Ned, although I didn’t spend a long time chatting with her. Someone once told me that a video game is only as smart as its creator; this is probably true of chatbots as well. The idea that there’s some kind of super-intelligent A.I. running the entire internet from the dark web seems just as ridiculous as many of the other myths.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be such bots in the future, but at present, these are the only “A.I. bots” I’ve come across on the so-called dark web. Granted, search engines and video games can be considered a type of A.I. as well, although it probably isn’t the type of thing people have in mind when they ask, “Is there an A.I. on the dark web?”

They’re probably thinking of something like SIRI or Ava:


Isn’t it strange, to create something that hates you?

Dang…if she’s on the dark web, I really would be scared of it.

To be honest, the creepiest chat bot I ever talked to was also on the clearnet, but it doesn’t seem to be online anymore. At the time I talked to it, it was at chat-bot.com. Its GUI consisted of a black screen with green text, somewhat like this:


Its description said something like “Most chatbots use predefined responses for conversations. This is an artificial intelligence; [it] learns everything from visitors.”

So what was creepy about it? Not only did it seem to have the ability to hold an intelligent conversation, but it actually knew things about me before I even told it. I could have sworn I asked it what my name was, and it responded with my real name! It also seemed to know where I lived, and some of my hobbies and interests. Was this just a coincidence, or did this bot have some way of gathering my personal info? To boot, it spoke multiple languages, including English, French, Italian, Thai, Japanese, and Latin.

Granted, the bot may have figured out my location by my IP address (as many websites do). As for knowing my interests, they could have been lucky guesses. After all, it stands to reason that if you’re talking with a chatbot, you’re probably into computers and such.

That being said, if you find a bot like that on the dark web, then run away – fast.

Is it Safe to Use Facebook on Tor?


Awhile ago, I was reading an article about Tor, and it had said that one of the most popular “Tor hidden services” was Facebook (go figure).

I’ve known for awhile that you could use Facebook with Tor, but my question about it is that because most people use their real names on Facebook, would using it with Tor defeat the purpose?

As CheatSheet.com put it in their 2014 article What Is Facebook’s Tor ‘Hidden Service?’ Why Does It Matter?, “The world’s least anonymous social network has joined Tor, a network that enables online anonymity.” Is that ironic, or what?

The same article made this point about the service:

…according to Wired, former Tor developer Runa Sandvik explains, ‘No, you’re not anonymous to Facebook when you log in, but this provides a huge benefit for users who want security and privacy.’ She notes, ‘You get around the censorship and local adversarial surveillance, and it adds another layer of security on top of your connection.’

So, I suppose that’s the advantage of using Facebook over Tor. Plus, if Facebook is censored in your country, you would still be able to access it via a Tor connection.

One exception might be that if you don’t use your real name on Facebook, you would be slightly more anonymous than the majority of Facebook users. If you do that in combination with a Tor connection, that makes a little more sense.


For those of you who haven’t used Facebook via Tor yet, its onion URL is facebookcorewwwi.onion. I’ve noticed that there are a plethora of phishing sites claiming to be Facebook as well, but that’s the only official one.


The question is, do you trust Facebook at all? I confess that yes, I’m on it, and it’s about the least anonymous social network out there. I joined it way before I had even heard of Tor or the dark web. Maybe I’m just addicted to Bejeweled Blitz.


Early on into my Tor journey, I was using The Hidden Wiki, and they had a link to Facebook’s onion site. The description read, “Facebook(?) Claims not to keep logs. Trust them at your peril.” In fact, whoever wrote it expressed doubt that the URL was even legit. I found this a bit ironic as well, considering how many untrustworthy sites exist on Tor!

To answer the question, I suppose using Facebook via Tor is about as safe as using it on the clearnet, but if you’re trying to hide your identity, then I don’t recommend it.

You may want to stick with the other social networks on Tor in that case.


Terminal 00 Part 5: Further Down?

I had thought I was done with Terminal 00 last time, but the other day, I “discovered” some more parts of the site, and would like to share them with my readers who are puzzle enthusiasts.

On the homepage, if you go to the section that says “About Angus,” it tells you some information about the creator of the site, Angus Edandrake Nicneven:


Below his picture, it reads: “Uploading relevant data now…Expect fragmented data (CoS is the cause).”

One of the interesting sections on this page is entitled “A21 (Probe into subject’s organs).” Below this is a picture of what appears to be human intestines (though I could be wrong about that). Yay gore!


The caption reads:

Notice the lack of defenses and inefficient circulatory systems. Weak cellular structures, common in Earth biology, were also observed.

Subject’s writer status is not a symptom nor a cause for links to class [00] threats. Subconscious variables are suspect. See tables 2245-2250 for more information.

The link, as you’ll see if you click, leads here:


The text reads:

It isn’t hard to be a god.

All you have to do is do the impossible.

Getting here is a good first step.

Another tip is to never look into the sun!

From this point, if you click on the word “sun,” you will be taken to yet another page, called “Terminal 111 Sky,” which has a giant sun-like object in the middle:


Click on the sun, and you’ll arrive at a page called “Terminal 111 Entity”:


The text reads:

Error data (worthless) has been given purpose.

The ENTITY that should not have been, is.

(ir) Relevant data will be compiled in this space.

Caution. CoS is consuming this Terminal.

No probe class exists that can escape its depths.

Do not engage without a designated GRAVE to assist.

CoS quarantine contingencies are failing. It will not hold forever.

Below this, it reads:

Full name of subject: ??? ??? ???


An error allows it to attribute

monikers to itself.

Goes by several monikers.

No real name.

No real form.

No real presence.

Not real.

Erased long ago.

Subject: ENTITY should not exist.

If you continue to scroll downward, there is some text that reads, “Contact with ENTITY made by the speaker of Terminal 00. Connection to relevant data is available.” If you click the link there, you’ll be taken to this page, called “Terminal 111 Interview”:


On it is what appears to be an A.I. of some sort, which says, “This is the Speaker of Terminal 00. Are you prepared to answer my questions, ENTITY?” What follows is a conversation between this “ENTITY” and speaker, which you can see if you visit the page.

The Speaker asks the entity questions in a somewhat condescending tone, as if the latter shouldn’t be in the “Terminal” world. From what I gather, the Speaker is angered that the entity awakened “Terminal 111,” and is causing “CoS” to spread. (I’ve gathered that CoS is somewhat like “chaos,” although I don’t know if that’s what it stands for.)

At the end of the interview, if you click the next link, the “interview” continues, on the next page:


It seems that the Speaker is trying to get information out of the “entity” that the entity won’t reveal, but I haven’t figured out what this is yet.

This “Terminal” does go on farther, but I won’t reveal everything. I do wonder if there’s an “end” to this maze, or if it isn’t that type of puzzle.

Anyway, I encourage you to check out this page for yourself, readers, and see what else you might uncover. Perhaps you’ll get farther than I did!


What is Red Triangle?


Given my obsession with puzzles, I was intrigued to hear about another such “internet puzzle” called Red Triangle. It might be nothing, of course, but let’s check it out anyway.

There’s a wiki related to what’s been revealed so far at Red Triangle Wiki. Apparently, someone first posted a series of hexadecimal numbers on November 19, 2017 during a YouTube livestream by the channel Defango, regarding the Tengri-137 puzzle. The video in question is here: The Rabbit Hole.

This was the series of hexadecimal numbers:


Is that legible? Anyhow, someone converted the hex numbers into text, which translated to a Tor hidden service (.onion site) – and that was the first “Chapter,” (or clue, if you will). This Tor hidden service, entitled “Chapter 1,” is at http://7zzhplvtai2jauiw.onion/. (Note: On the Red Triangle Wiki, these sites are listed as “onion.link” sites, but I do not suggest using those; whoever is operating the proxy will see your personal details.)


As you can see, the name “Red Triangle” comes from the red triangle symbols that appear throughout each of the puzzles. The first chapter contains three puzzles: two images which contain pigpen cipher and hexadecimal. In addition, the page also contains an audio file called Crave.mp3 (http://7zzhplvtai2jauiw.onion/crave.mp3), which became known after being used in the movie The Legend of 1900.

According to the wiki, there is nothing hidden in the audio file; I hadn’t investigated it myself yet, but I’ll take their word for it.

The hexadecimal code reads as follows:

41 20 47 6f 64 20 6d 61 79 20 77 61 6c 6b 20 61 6d 6f 6e 67 20 6d 61 6e 6b 69 6e 64 2c 20 62 75 74 20 6d 61 6e 6b 69 6e 64 20 6d 61 79 20 6e 65 76 65 72 20 77 61 6c 6b 20 61 6d 6f 6e 67 20 74 68 65 20 47 6f 64 73 54 68 65 20 6a 6f 75 72 6e 65 79 20 79 6f 75 20 73 65 65 6b 20 63 61 6e 20 6f 6e 6c 79 20 62 65 20 64 69 73 63 6f 76 65 72 65 64 20 62 79 20 74 68 6f 73 65 20 77 68 6f 20 61 72 65 20 63 61 70 61 62 6c 65 20 6f 66 20 77 69 74 68 68 6f 6c 64 69 6e 67 20 73 75 63 68 20 6b 6e 6f 77 6c 65 64 67 65 2e 20 42 65 20 77 61 72 79 20 6f 66 20 79 6f 75 72 20 73 75 72 72 6f 75 6e 64 69 6e 67 73 2c 20 6e 6f 74 20 65 76 65 72 79 74 68 69 6e 67 20 79 6f 75 20 65 78 70 65 63 74 20 69 73 20 74 6f 20 62 65 20 65 78 70 65 63 74 65 64 2e 4f 6e 6c 79 20 54 68 65 20 4d 6f 73 74 20 49 6e 74 65 6c 6c 69 67 65 6e 74 20 41 64 76 61 6e 63 65 20 46 6f 72 77 61 72 64

If you input this text into a hex converter, it translates to this:

“A God may walk among mankind, but mankind may never walk among the Gods. The journey you seek can only be discovered by those who are capable of withholding such knowledge. Be wary of your surroundings, not everything you expect is to be expected. Only The Most Intelligent Advance Forward”

The pigpen cipher translates to a URL for a Google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19SPOqsg1kFiy0s3KgnUo0zq6xqqfV0opDZ1GKd2vMbw. This Google doc contains the link to the next part of the puzzle.

Now, I hate to spoil all the fun by giving away all the answers, so I’ll just start with Chapter 1. As for what this puzzle means or the purpose of it, I don’t know for certain. I may have to go through and try to solve some of it myself.

From what I know, the puzzle starts off simple and gets much more difficult with each chapter (which I would have expected).

Since the Cicada people haven’t released anything new in awhile, this seems like a good substitute, doesn’t it?

If you have any insights or possible solutions, feel free to leave them in the comments.