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Takedownman: Dark Web Expert or Liar?


What Up Everybody? It’s Ya Boi Talkshitman!

Those of you who both watch YouTube and are interested in the dark web have probably come across the name “Takedownman” more than once.  Now, before you accuse me of hating on him like everyone else, I just want to say that I have nothing against him personally; I’m interested in figuring out the truth behind what he’s said.

He and his deep web-themed videos have amassed a huge following on YouTube and elsewhere (at the time of this writing, he has 122, 522 subscribers).  Truth be told, even if some of the sites he visits are real, he’s still full of shit most of the time.  And I’m far from the first to express this sentiment:

Seek The Truth – The Truth about Takedownman

Takedownman – Only The Facts – Part 1

Takedownman – Only The Facts – Part 2

Revisiting the Issue of the Red Room – The Thinker – DDW #5

Takedownman – RationalWiki

The Internet rejects-TakeDownMan

Takedownman – Encyclopedia Dramatica

If you’re unfamiliar with him, here’s one of his videos: The Deep Web- The MOST Horrific Site on the Deep Web! NSFW.  In this particular video, around the 4:50 mark, he makes this claim: “This is what happens, OK?  I do a video on it – the feds take it over.”  Excuse me, but isn’t he giving himself a little too much credit?

The site in question is called xPlay, which hosts adult videos. xPlay, however, includes a category entitled “deviations,” which features a “Pedo” menu and a “Zoo” menu (as in zoophilia). So, Mr. TDM isn’t wrong about the content of the site.  I just highly doubt that he was the main reason that the site was discovered and taken down (unless he specifically reported it to law enforcement.)

He seems to be particularly obsessed with child porn sites and groups that sell or promote them, such as convicted child molester and murderer Peter Scully and his former production company, No Limits Fun.

And look – I’m not saying that I support that kind of thing, but that doesn’t give Takedownman the right to accuse all of his critics of being “pedophiles.”  (Which he has done.)

Still, while I admit that I’ve watched quite a few of his videos and that some are entertaining (in the sense of The National Enquirer), he frequently gets his facts wrong or sensationalizes the details to ratchet up the view count.

And based on some of the comments, it’s obvious that a number of his viewers have never been on Tor, nor any part of the dark web.


Case in point – in the video The Hidden Internet – Cicada 3301 and the S.I.N. (Strategic Intelligence Network), he says, “I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the 3301…and everybody’s been saying they’d like to know where it leads to. Well, I’ve got it for ya – here it is folks, it leads to something called the Strategic Intelligence Network, and you see, I’ve taken off the address bar because I don’t wanna get hacked and have my computer taken over.” I see…now I feel enlightened.

First of all, the Strategic Intelligence Network has nothing to do with Cicada 3301.  If the answer were that simple, I don’t think the Cicada folks would’ve even bothered leaving all those clues (especially if it’s such an elitist organization):


Although I did find this treasure map…

Second of all, removing the URL from the address bar on any site won’t prevent you from getting hacked!!  If anyone tells you this, they’re either trolling you or they’re a complete moron!!  Really, all that will do is make it slightly harder for people watching the Youtube video to find the site (although it isn’t that hard in the first place).

On the other hand, now that I’ve thought over his wording a little bit, I think that what he was trying to get across was that he had found some highly secret website (which it really isn’t), and that he didn’t want to reveal its location, lest it piss off the S.I.N. webmasters (hardy har har).

Notwithstanding, this isn’t the only time that Takedownman has gotten his facts wrong (or at least hyped them up).

The Shadow Knows…


Now, I addressed the topic of the so-called Shadow Web in an earlier post called Is the Shadow Web a Reality?, and was given some flack about it from the Reddit community.  For clarification: I think that it’s possible something like it could exist, but it’s not at the URL that calls itself the Shadow Web.

In Takedownman’s video Some of the DARKEST most DISTURBING sites on the DEEP WEB, he not only speculates about its existence, he presents it as fact, as if he had seen it firsthand:


“Once you pay for admission, you are given a link to watch and produce murders, rapes-and so on in REAL TIME!  There is no limit on the torture you can afflict [sic], provided you have enough money, there is also no limit to how many deaths you can also cause!”

We can explore that topic more another time, but these kinds of descriptions basically sum up Takedownman’s style.  In the very same video, he shows a site called “Forbidden Video Studio,” (which is – or was – a real site).



And from reading the descriptions above, it does look very disturbing.  His description of it goes like this:

“This is a site that offers anything you want! Rape, torture, CP, JB, mutulation [sic] for Bitcoin. This is actually said to be a site run by the cult ‘Ants’ out of the ‘Czech Republic.'”

So in this case, yes, it was an actual site at one point, but what I can’t verify is that there’s any connection between the Ants cult and the FV site.  My issue with it is that he doesn’t go into any further detail (as is often the case), nor does he take the time to substantiate any of it.  In other words, what are the sources of his information?  Did he actually visit the site, or did he just see a picture?

To his credit, there is evidence of this Ants cult actually existing: Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know: Cults, Child Impersonation and the Czech Republic.

In another of his videos, Some of the DARKEST most DISTURBING sites on the DEEP WEB Part 2,  he shows yet another series of screenshots from the dark web – again, some of them are real, but his descriptions are overblown.

One, in particular, stood out to me – at 3:03, he mentions a site called “Slaves Who Can’t Run,” which is, supposedly, a site that sells human slaves who have been dismembered.  While this, in and of itself, sounds a bit sensationalized, if you look closely at the screenshots in the video, they either look very badly Photoshopped – or they’re from some kind of amputee porn site:


To make matters worse, Takedownman’s description of the site sounds even more sensationalized:

“This is NOT a site that can be accessed by a TOR browser.  This company offers MANY disturbing things – To the point where they have developed their own software to access their products!  All I can say is the link was copy and paste and looked about a thousand numbers long and had no dot anything at the end!”

If you try to break this down logically – in order to amputate someone’s limbs without them dying, you would have to have a fair amount of medical knowledge.  So, in theory, this “group” would have to have a doctor or doctors working for them.  If it’s gotten so much attention on the internet lately, why hasn’t it been investigated?  If there were an actual human trafficking ring selling “slaves who can’t run,” wouldn’t it eventually hit the news?

The other question is – where do the victims come from?  Wouldn’t someone be looking for them (particularly if they were children)?  Just because it’s on the dark web doesn’t mean it’s undiscoverable.

What’s more likely is that the site is a complete scam, and if someone actually tried to “order” a slave, they would lose their bitcoins and never see them again.  I’m more willing to believe this than I am some horribly edited photos and a dubious description.

I could go on further about Takedownman’s exaggerated claims, but you get the idea.  And you might ask – why the hell do I even care?

I suppose it’s because the “deep web” that I’ve seen may have some very disturbing content, but people like him have made it seem like hell on earth!  (Don’t swim in the deep web…YOU WILL DROWN!!!)

And in his case, he’s making money off of it (selling t-shirts, etc.): TAKEDOWNMAN MERCH.  Feel free to waste your money there if you want, but I don’t suggest it.

Honestly, let him go on making his videos and selling his crap.  But before you take anything he says seriously, please – at least think of it critically.










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4 responses to “Takedownman: Dark Web Expert or Liar?

  1. Thank you for your info this creep has gotten away with his bullshit for far too long

  2. knex ⋅

    He is a fake, a fraud, one grown dirty – ol- man. For the last year, he’s been making dark springer video’s for his “special permission site.” So crypitic that he actually shows his viewers CP and then slanders people who speak up, out about him. He does not handle criticism very well. He threaten’s anyone with his criminal background and then he backtrack’s when caught “play’s victim.” He thinks he famous with his award he got from youtube. Which he could have bought off ” Ebay “at some crummy auction. He love’s to pick on women and teenager’s. He claimed ” in his new 2 part series.” He has 60 offences in numerous state’s, he claims all screen shots are photoshop. So is your own words and creepy on little girl’s photoshopped too? There was over 75 who witnessed him showing off a thirteen year old girl to everyone asking ” if she she looked pregnant.” Then his his viewers get a brilliant idea they wanna see it! Hold up it’s clearly a Federal offence to show it,” let alone wanna see it?” This guy is very dangerious and his viewer’s from what he does have left. Actually believes in everything he does and say’s . They would jump if he says: “jump.” He is this generation Charles Mason . Since he loves to study and profile criminal’s . well he is one him self. Just a dumb one that likes to film it and then when caught takes it right down. He should not be behind a computer showing people his dark fantasies. He does not credit sources and does not know anything about computers or properly set up cyber security. Yet claims to be some big time hacker and yes he does enjoy Doxxing and pointing the fingers at anyone but him self.

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