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Disturbing Dark Web Things, Part 2


I’ve already mentioned that I write on Quora, and this is another one of the “Top 10” questions I get – and I’m sure it’s morbid curiosity on the part of most people.

The site above I’ve never seen personally, but yeah, it is from the deep web/dark web, and it was a forum for pedophiles (or “child lovers,” or whatever they liked to be called).  It gives me a shiver just reading a few of the topics there, such as “Kindergarten Shopping,” “Top Ten reasons to snuff a kid,” and “tried it?”  (I can only imagine what the hell that means).

Actually, the latest I had heard was that that particular site had been shut down by authorities – I say good riddance!

As for me, personally, I had already mentioned that site “Scream, Bitch!” in a previous post, and not to repeat myself too much, but that has to be in my “Top 10 Most Disturbing Sites” that I’ve seen so far.  Here it is again, for all you “messed up site” lovers:


Beyond that one, of course, I’ve seen quite a few others.  There was one site I came across called the Cruel Onion Wiki (which is a companion to the Cruel Onion Forum, I assume):


Both sites feature images and videos of animal abuse and other things.  And it would be nicer if that were the only site like that on the dark web, but it isn’t, unfortunately.

Because I’m very much an animal lover, I was thoroughly sickened by this site and others of its type – you can find more explicit screenshots of it on Youtube and Google images, but I’d rather not feature those here.  I just wanted to prove that I’m not making this shit up!

There are a couple of others that have left me open-mouthed as well, in particular the “Vault of Sex and Dead” site, which includes photos and videos of rape, murder, and just death in general.  Here’s about the least explicit photo I could find from that site:


I don’t know the identity of the woman in the photo, but if someone specifically asks, I will take it down.  Anyhow, the strange thing about “Vault” is that it’s set up like your average porn site: you get to see a few sample photos and videos, but you have to subscribe to see the real thing.

Apparently, someone out there finds this shit sexually arousing.  Am I really surprised?  No, not that much.



Many of the videos that talk about the deep web and dark web seem to be referring to Tor. But Freenet is another darknet that has its fair share of disturbing sites as well.

The sites on Freenet are arranged into different indexes that make it easier to navigate, with names like Nerdageddon, Linkageddon, and Enzo’s Index.  Nerdageddon has most of the “offensive” material removed, whereas Linkageddon is completely uncensored.

So in theory, all of the Linkageddon sites that contain “adult” material or “underage material” are supposed to be labeled as such, but that isn’t always the case.  Among the sites on Linkageddon are, unfortunately, some child pornography, or as they refer to it, “underage material.”

In my so-called adventure through Freenet, I stumbled upon a link that was very vaguely labeled, and I clicked on it.  I really don’t want to say what I saw, but suffice it to say that it made me sick to my stomach.  I at least reported my findings, so I feel better about that.

The thing that is strange to me is that with these sting operations, so much attention is focused on the Tor network, that some of these other networks just seem to slip through the nets.  Freenet seems completely and utterly undiminished, so its name is very appropriate.

Oddly enough, I’m not one of these “Censor the internet!” people, but when it comes to exploiting animals, children and others for entertainment, that just doesn’t sit well with me.






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