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Film Fanatics, Unite!

by Eric Pudalov, Freelance Writer

Most recently, on Associated Content, I published a review of an amazing Atlanta video store, called “Videodrome.”

For non-Atlanta residents, of course, it may not hold as much interest, but it’s just as much about independent film as it is about video stores.

As much as I like services like Netflix and Hulu, I still enjoy the experience of heading out to the video store and renting a DVD, especially one that I was unable to find anywhere else (and Videodrome seems to specialize in those).

So, here’s the link, if you’re interested: Videodrome: A Hot Spot for Atlanta’s Indie Film Buffs.

If anyone has the chance to read it, your feedback is welcome (whether on the blog or on the article itself. Thanks so much!)

As a matter of fact, I’m starting to read more film blogs, so as to have the chance to improve my own (though this blog isn’t exclusively about film). However, seeing as I constantly watch films, and have been writing enough about them, I might as well gear things in that direction.

So, first on my list is The Guardian’s Film Blog, from Britain. I happen to like British film, and though I haven’t read many British film critics, per se, I respect their opinions.

Second, I’ve just discovered Space Ramblings, an awesome sci-fi-oriented blog, from which I’ll definitely cull inspiration. Who knows? They may even inspire another article.

And please, support your local awesome video store/record store/bookstore. We should appreciate them while they’re still around.


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